Unique Carriers Inc. Expands their Network of Private Shipping Agents

Unique Carriers Inc., is pleased to announce that they are expanding their network of private shipping agents. This means a widened geographical footprint as well as faster and better delivery of goods, products and cargo. The advantages of collaborating with Unique Carriers are many. Here are a few to mention:

Compatibility – The Cloud Software used here is highly compatible and it will have no issues working with the current order support systems. The software can handle automation of order placing, real time shipping tariffs and inventory status. Unique Carriers gets along with major online retail stores and market places.

Faster Transportation – Increased network of shipping agents means faster transportation. The agents process the orders the same day and make arrangements for delivery of goods. Every shipping agent is strategically located so that they can reach both national and international customers within a few days. The network of shipping agents provides good amount of savings in transportation for the seller as well as the buyers.

Automation and Optimization – For effective and fast delivery of goods, the software automatically decides the best transportation strategy including packaging and maintenance. This also includes routing the delivery, managing any order backlogs, choosing the right transportation system, cost effective package solutions, etc.

Detailed Reports and Analysis – Shipment tracking is one of the major components in any logistics and transportation process. The expert analyst team tracks the order, inventory and supply chain; and the information panel will provide detailed reports so as to estimate the needs of warehousing and storage if any.

Opening Avenues – Sellers or online retailers or internet marketplaces can expand their horizon by collaborating with other retailers thereby letting them sell the products to a wider customer base. Strategic packaging and delivery solutions are provided by Unique Carriers so that the sellers can maintain communication with each and every retailer they partner with. The other interesting advantage is that the company also allows split of wholesale consignments for cost effectiveness as well as improved sales.

Exploring New Sales Channels – Those projects which are under crowdfunding can also get their products delivered through their co-financing platforms. They can kick start their delivery process by simply choosing Unique Carriers and deliver their products to customers worldwide. Sellers can also place their products on major platforms such as eBay, Amazon, etc. and have the goods delivered via Unique Carriers.

Ultimate Consumer Experience – It is indeed a satisfying moment when customers see that their orders were delivered in time or much before the expected date of delivery. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to the experience such as return of damaged goods, shipment warranty, cancellation or modification of orders, shipment confirmation, etc.

To know more about the services offered by Unique Carriers Inc. visit http://www.unique-carriers.com/

About Unique Carriers:

Unique Carriers, http://www.unique-carriers.com/ based at Tampa, Florida is a cloud logistics and a mail management company that has been in the logistics business for over a decade now.

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Company: Unique Carriers Inc.
Address: 1717 E Busch Blvd Ste 305, Tampa, Florida 33612
Phone: +1(813)972-7673
Email: Contact@unique-carriers.com
Website: http://www.unique-carriers.com/



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