Immediate Suggestions When Thinking Of Live Edge Wood

The term live edge wood actually refers to the inclusion of wood pieces with their preserved natural edge in furnishings and other wood works. It’s also referred to as natural edge wood. The primary feature that you need to know about this wood is that each piece is actually unique.

The live edge contour could vary from undulating to sharp conserving the original parent tree’s character and act as a physical reminder of where it was found.

What Is Live Edge Wood?

Natural edge wood pieces originate from various timbers which are usually reclaimed trees. Their original wood edge is retained together with its natural flaws. The rustic look and feel of the live edge furniture is favored because of its modernistic and natural appeal.

The usage of live edge wood is not just due to its artistic nature, but also because it is environment-friendly. Usually naturally fallen trees are used and rather than tossing the gnarly pieces away, they get utilized.

Advantages Of Using Natural Edge Wood

The natural blemishes still left in live wood edge pieces give character and charm to your home. Natural edge designs will make sure you get observed as they’re unique and whimsical. It’s possible to definitely use live edge if you would like to raise the resale value of your home.

Natural edge wood is also very tough and it will last longer. Investing in good quality furnishing is always a great idea and by picking live edge you cannot get it wrong. It is possible to even take a part in the creative design process!

Live Edge Wood Applications

Raw live edge wood actually has a lot of applications. It can actually be utilized to manufacture countertops and tabletops, cutting boards and wall art, stools and desks, mantels, coffee tables, dinner tables and even beds.

Moreover, natural edge wood elements can be used in any room of the house, be it kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

The list of applications doesn’t end here but only expands in vastness. Live edge wood has additionally been used to make benches, bars, bookshelves and even conference room tables. Creativity faces no limit when working with live edge slabs.

Where To Get Live Edge Slabs

If you are thinking of buying live edge pieces or natural edge furnishings, the first step is to research local business owners that offer them in your area. Trustworthy businesses will give you consultation regarding adding a live edge piece within your home.

They’re going to provide some custom designs and handle the installation. You can always get active in the designing process if you like and you are able to choose the slab that you want to be used.

Furniture manufactured from live edge wood is really excellent and fantastic. This is a good quality material and it is possible to design it the way you want. It fits well and is easy to install while delivering a modern yet organic feel to your residence.

The only concern that you need to consider is the part of your home where the furnishings will probably be placed. Your home will soon boldly feature a beautiful live edge wood piece.

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