Types Of Industrial Marine Paint And Their Uses

Most people are not familiar with different kinds of paints that are available in the market. One can find a variety of paints available in the markets that are used for different purposes. Industrial marine paint is a kind of paint that is used in particular for painting ships, yachts and sailboats. Marine paints and coatings produce a specialized topcoat for commercial, personal and industrial use to fight corrosion, rust and even barnacles. These paints should be applied by professional marine painter to allow the vessel owner years of quality use.

The best feature of industrial marine painting is that they protect large investments such as shipping container vessels, oil tankers and even personal watercraft. As industrial marine paints are applied on the surfaces of ships which float on water for a long time, these paints are designed with properties that preserve and protect the surfaces of the ships in the best way. The purpose of this article is to make people aware of industrial marine paint and its uses.

Below are some of the uses of industrial marine paints:

> Industrial marine paints are used to paint military ships, commercial sail boats, recreational boats, yachts, offshore oil rigs, tow boats, tankers, freighters, fishing boats, and container ships.

> Marine ships, yachts and boats need formulated paintings that preserve the surface of boats above and below the water line. Marine paints protect the surfaces of boats from clogging with marine and plant life. These paints are engineered with high standards and are subject to vivid ordinance.

> There has been a great development in marine paints and coatings in the last few years. A number of basic ingredients were included that enhanced the quality of industrial marine coatings. As a result marine paints have become more durable and sustainable.

> Another important feature that has lead to the development of advances in marine paints is price of oil, which affected the demand for marine coatings.

Types of Marine Paints

Today, most of the boat manufacturers and builders have access to high tech marine paints that make them glow like a new car. One can find different types of marine paints that can be categorized into – bottom paints, topside paints, and special purpose paints.

Topside Marine Paints

Top side paints are used to paint the water bodies that are above the water line. The main characteristics of this kind are that they are resistant to abrasion are glossy and are hard on the surface. Some of the popular brands of topside marine paints include – Interlux, Awlgrip, and Imron.

Bottom Paints

Bottom paints are applied on the surface which is in contact with the water. These paints are hard and come with a smooth finish. These paints have the feature of releasing antifouling compounds that do not react with sea water.

Special Purpose Paints

One can find a variety of special purpose paints that have a special composition, which make them suitable for special applications.

In the conclusion, there are a number of marine paint manufacturers that manufacture industrial paints of various kinds. Based on the requirement and preferences, one can choose the right marine paint. The website address given below has more information:

Industrial marine coatings


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