Industrial Sewing

For many years, industrial sewing machines have been extensively used in the large-scale manufacture of clothing. Besides, they are used in the sewing works of shoes, bags, sofa, car seats, and others. Household sewing cannot meet the increasing demand of sewn items. Industrial sewing involves the use of better tools suited for industrial use. Since the items produced by industrial sewing machines are of a complex nature, the world cannot rely on the low-speed and low power of household machines.

Bags and suitcases are important containers that require tough high-powered sewing machines to make. Household machines can be inefficient in the production of bags. Besides, bags and suitcases require a great deal of precision. The sewing process also requires a bag closing machine for the food packaging industry. Due to the demand for precision, speed and performance, industrial sewing machines are custom designed for specific purposes. For instance, some models of industrial sewing machines are made to sew zigzag stitches, others to sew straight seams; others are meant for sewing buttons on clothing, and so on. All industrial sewing machines, especially those for the manufacture of bags, have to be durable and offer fast speeds. Some models of industrial sewing machines are faster than the fastest cars. The needles rotate as fast as 8,500 RPM.

Modern industrial sewing machines are automated to provide fast production times. They operate on computer systems and this adds to their precision and work quality. By the press of a switch, you are capable of performing a particular function. Besides, the machines come with electronic tools and peripherals for specialized uses. Thus, we may refer to industrial machines as sewing robots, much like the robots used in vehicle production. Industrial sewing is used to produce many complex items within a short time.

Apart from the above mentioned uses, industrial sewing is considered environmentally friendly. This is because their development and design have resulted in large scale efficiencies in reducing waste of fabrics. The sewing machines save energy, reduce noise and help in cutting the rate of environmental pollution. Conserving the environment can be seen as a very important role of industrial sewing.

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