31202Travel Through Time on the Ancient Jurassic Coast

Fancy a trip through time? Why not take a break at one of the Jurassic Coast’s fantastic holiday parks? In Dorset, the unique geology and heritage of the seafront is a huge draw for visitors, with ancient cliffs and beaches formed from rock that was laid down in prehistoric times.
Durdle Door
Durdle Door is a natural wonder that is one of Dorset’s most famous and visited landmarks. This vast limestone arch jutting out into the sea really has to be seen to be believed, offering some idea of how unique the county’s geological landscape really is.
It’s not just Durdle Door itself that’s worth seeing here, though – the entire area is truly beautiful, with clear blue water and a sand-and-shingle beach that’s perfect for a stroll. Easy, well-marked road access makes it simple to reach from any of the holiday parks in Dorset.
Beer Quarry Caves
This complex of underground tunnels was once used for quarrying beer stone, a popular building material that was used in the construction of 24 historic cathedrals, as well as a number of other famous buildings including the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.
Beer stone was excavated from here for a staggering 2,000 years, leaving an extensive network of manmade caves that are now open for guided tours. You can take a trip through the history of stone mining here and see where quarrying took place in Roman, Saxon, Norman and modern times. The caves are an impressive sight and seeing the scale of excavations carried out through the centuries is truly awe-inspiring. Beer Quarry Caves is an attraction not to be missed.
Lulworth Cove
The popular Lulworth Cove serves as both a gorgeous beach destination and a spectacular geological phenomenon. This incredible horseshoe-shaped bay, formed 10,000 years ago due to erosion from the sea, boasts a beautiful white pebble beach, clear blue water and striking views of the unique geography of the area.
A popular seaside destination that’s easy to get to from the majority of holiday parks in Dorset, Lulworth Cove is definitely worth a visit.
The Fossil Forest
When we think of fossils, most of us think of dinosaur bones and ammonites encased in rock. Few of us would imagine that we could see the remnants of an ancient forest, but that’s exactly what you’ll find on this rocky ledge. At the end of the Jurassic Period, a forest of conifers, cycads and tree ferns sprouted up at this spot along the coast, and when they died, mats of algae encased the base of their trunks.
The algae’s preserved remnants can still be seen, echoing the shape the trees once took, and these ‘algal burrs’ make for a compelling glimpse into the past. You can reach this area along the nearby coastal path, which offers some striking views of its own.
These are just a few suggestions for appreciating the ancient heritage of the Jurassic Coast if you’re staying at one of the great holiday parks in Dorset. It’s a genuinely engaging and immersive way to explore history.

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