Wondrous Walks in Dorset: A Guide for Nature Lovers

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For those lucky enough to be staying in one of the spectacular holiday parks in Dorset, there are myriad spectacular walking routes to indulge in. Whether you’re a family of leisurely strollers or hiking aficionados, Dorset is the perfect region to pause the clock and enjoy some family time outdoors. Along the way, you’ll be treated to some hidden villages, stunning coasts and chocolate-box cottages.

Cranford Heath Nature Reserve

This is one of the biggest heaths in all of Dorset with a history that’s just as impressive. Along the four-mile trail of heath lie abundant reminders of Bronze Age settlers, who once dwelled in these parts. The course is easily traversable over three hours of gentle ascents and descents. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for the ancient burial mounds or barrows of early settlers and indulge in the experience of feeling past and present connect.

Hampton Hill

If you’re looking for more of a stretch during your time at a holiday park in Dorset, gather the family for a serene walk around Hampton Hill. I would advise waking up early for this one and embracing the sunrise over the misty rolling hills of the area, not to mention Hampton Hill itself. Explore the ancient history of a Roman aqueduct, which used to serve the city of Durnovaria, better known today as Dorchester. If you’re feeling peckish, head into the traditional Saxon Arms for pub food and real ales.

Swanage and Herston

The stunning Dorset coast is an unmissable experience for any family visiting the area. To make the most of the stunning seaside scenery, I would suggest the Swanage and Herston walk as a beautiful way to take in the sweeping sea and surrounding hills. Make sure to have some sturdy footwear for the sand, mud and everything in-between as you walk from Swanage to a fourteenth-century manor, before returning to the shore.


The picturesque town of Bournemouth is the perfect setting for a more urban amble. Delve into the spa town’s historic past as you take your family around the jewel of 18th century town planning. From hidden intricacies such as Bournemouth’s oldest letter box dating from 1866, to the might of St Peter’s Church, they’ll be something for everyone on this historic urban trail.

Seatown and Golden Cap

Heading back to the countryside, there is no finer way to end your family holiday in Dorset than a visit to the Jurassic Coast with this jaw-dropping walk. As you and your family descend into the medieval fishing village of Stanton St Gabriel, watch in awe as the land gives way to the emerald Dorset coast. Get the kids kitted in large hats and frayed shirts for this former hotspot of pirate smuggling. The walk is the most strenuous of the five, but an absolute must for anyone interested in big views and shimmering waves.

Holiday parks in Dorset are the perfect opportunity to take your outdoor-loving family out of the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and into the serene countryside. From land to sea and back again, Dorset’s stunning scenery is best seen on foot. These walks are just a few of the many others that reveal the beauty of the area. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

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