Tornado Shelter Leader Offers Storm Protection At 2013 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

Tornadoes have been creating chaos in America over the last couple of years. The December 25, 2012 episode wounding 8 and leaving 150,000 people without power have people thinking of this sort of storm happening at any time as a means of life instead of rarity. Numerous had to leave their houses in the center of Christmas events to go to designated storm shelters. This kind of trouble joined the unpredictability of these storms has lots of homeowners thinking of having a twister shelter.

Twisters have been known to destroy all kinds of buildings. While there is not a space in a structure, even in the basement, that is safer than being in an underground shelter designed to secure you from this kind of storm. There is a greater threat of damage being in a mobile home, but any structure without an underground shelter carries danger in the right storm. Made real estate consumers have shown an enhanced interest in having tornado shelters, offering the safest solution for the twister threat.

Granger Industries, the globally recognized rotational molding leader and the maker of the Granger ISS – In-ground Cyclone Shelter will be exhibiting at the Louisville Manufactured Real estate Program at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Fixate January 23rd with 25th. This program will be gone to by manufactured housing merchants, community owners & managers as well as representatives from a many leading home manufacturers from all over the United States. Granger Industries intends to set up several new retail dealers at this event making the Granger ISS more quickly offered to the public.

The manufactured real estate sales centers that presently supply this item have actually seen raised sales communicating to numerous brand-new customers. Some of these produced housing retail sales centers have actually stated a boost in new home sales, some experiencing up to a 30 % rise in their sales, due to imaginative advertising and providings around the Granger ISS Storm cellar. Many consumers who may have prevented the threat of this kind of house are now interested when supplied the safety of a storm cellar. Those that go further, such as educating the consumer about tornado security or other ingenious marketing strategies see a more remarkable customer interest. Some companies are now offering a storm cellar as a motivation with the acquisition of a new house.

Granger Industries is dedicated to offering the greatest quality plastics developments, concentrating on large, complex, custom products. Granger Industries acclaims a diverse range of product capacities that cover an expanding number of sectors including aerospace, medical, protection and lots of even more. A world renown rotational molding innovator and in business for practically twenty years, Granger Industries has actually never seen a greater interest in security items including the Granger ISS – In-ground Tornado Shelter. To discover even more about the Granger ISS please check out

Granger Industries consists of Granger Plastics Company, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a globe acknowledged rotational molder making a range of custom and proprietary products. To find out more about Granger Plastics Company please see or contact us at 513-424-1955. To discover even more about Granger Industries please see

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