Storm Shelters Starting To See Year Round Use By Owners

Storm shelter owners anticipate to use their shelter during the hurricane vulnerable months of springtime, in to summertime and early fall. Many people consider snow and snowstorms as winter hurricanes, however in initial weeks of 2013 many warm days

Tornado Shelter Leader Offers Storm Protection At 2013 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

Tornadoes have been creating chaos in America over the last couple of years. The December 25, 2012 episode wounding 8 and leaving 150,000 people without power have people thinking of this sort of storm happening at any time as a means of life instead

Tornado Shelter Sales Spike Late in Season

Tornado Shelters are in high demand even in the off season. Rare winter tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia are keeping the deadly storms on the minds of residents in tornado prone areas. Tornado Shelter sales are spiking early in the season which usual

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter Choice Was

Tornado shelters are not a thing most people purchase on a whim. Most consumers heavily research a purchase of this size, very similar to that of an automobile or appliance. There is information available on the internet as well as a number of outlet

Storm Shelters Now Available in Arkansas

The need for an in-ground shelter is not new in the state of Arkansas. The state has seen its share of devastation for many years. Granger Plastics Company continues to make the highest quality tornado shelters easily readily available by establishin

Kentucky Tornado Shelter Sales Spike With Weather

Kentucky tornado shelters are being sought out progressively. The state was considerably influenced by the deadly episode on the last day of February and very early days of March 2012. This, in addition to the tumultuous period in 2013, is creating a

Tornado Shelter Sales Spike Late in Season

Tornado Shelters are in high demand again late in the 2012 season. Deadly tornadoes in the mid-west in February and March of this year are keeping the storms on the minds of residents in and around tornado prone areas. Shelter sales are spiking late