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Tornado shelters are not a thing most people purchase on a whim. Most consumers heavily research a purchase of this size, very similar to that of an automobile or appliance. There is information available on the internet as well as a number of outlets to see storm shelters such as dealer locations or home and garden shows. Customers who purchase these types of products take the effort to know what they are purchasing for safety first but also value.

The Granger ISS Underground Tornado Shelter offers excellence in durability, lifespan, ease of installation and maintenance. Consumers who do their research are responding to these benefits. Doris C. from Arab, Alabama recently purchased a Granger ISS after first experiencing one of these deadly storms, and then, doing her research to make her storm shelter decision.
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“During the deadly Alabama tornadoes on April 27, 2011, we suffered some damage but considered ourselves blessed. Following that experience, the decision was evident that we would purchase a tornado shelter, in hopes of never having to use it but knowing there was a strong possibility this could happen again. I immediately began searching the internet looking for options available. Deciding on an in-ground shelter, we traveled to several cities in North Alabama to look at the actual units. Our decision to purchase the Granger ISS was a “no-brainer”. The Granger ISS was by far the best unit we found. As compared to other in-ground shelters, the Granger ISS deserves a “five-star-rating”. The door feature is very impressive and far exceeds any other on the market with regard to structure, safety and durability. Overall the unit provides easy entry/access, is incredibly durable, easily installed and very affordable. It provides peace of mind which carries no price tag. The people at Granger were exceptional to work with and fulfilled every promise they made.”

– Doris C.

Arab, Alabama

The Granger ISS is manufactured by Granger Plastics, a division of Granger Industries. Granger Industries also includes ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world recognized rotational molding company, manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products. To learn more about the Granger ISS visit or . To learn more about Granger Industries please visit or contact us at 513-424-1955.

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Julius is an expert when it comes to Tornado Shelters and natural disaster preparedness.  Julius has been involved with single family Storm Shelters for a number of years now.  Julius has witnessed the emergence of the Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter as America’s leading Single Family Storm Shelter. 

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