Top 4 Ways To Learn Web Design

If youve spent any time perusing job ads recently, youre likely aware of the demand for employees with web design experience and knowledge. Many job seekers pass up these ads because they simply dont have the necessary skills. This means that learning web design is your chance to step ahead in the game. Check out this list of the top 4 ways to learn, and choose whichever one best suits your own needs and circumstances.

1. Take a Class

There are several reasons why an in-person class may be a good option. For starters, many people benefit from the individualized assistance that is available from being able to ask the instructor questions. Others enjoy the group environment and camaraderie. Some also benefit from the motivation that stems from having to complete assignments and homework. Whatever the reason, those who would like to learn web design in a classroom environment will likely find relevant courses at local community colleges, adult schools, computer learning centers, and even some public libraries.

2. Make Use of Online Tutorials

There are a multitude of free online tutorials fully equipped to teach you web design from the ground up. Depending on your preference, you can use short video tutorials, guided exercises, or step-by-step instructions. Look around online before committing to a program. Check out reviews written by others and note the pros and cons that are mentioned. Those who are primarily auditory learners may benefit from how-to videos, while visual learners will likely appreciate guided exercises and written tutorials—especially those that include screenshots that demonstrate how things should look. Some of these online tutorials even provide certificates of completion that can be viewed through the website. This can be an excellent addition to your resume.

3. Study a Book or Guide

Many people still excel most when receiving instruction through reading books and instructional guides. Whereas websites tutorials can be created and promoted by virtually anyone, published books are generally written by experts in the field. This means youll likely be receiving guidance from those who are truly movers and shakers in the realm of web design. These experts can often offer insights that you wont find elsewhere.

4. Learn from a Friend

If you have a tech-savvy friend, or know someone who runs their own website, it might be time to pay them a visit. The personalized instruction you can receive from a friend is hard to get anywhere else. Youll also likely have someone that you can call again in the future if you get stuck or run into a problem you cant seem to solve by yourself. If you have a special skill that your friend could benefit from, you might consider a kind of exchange: you can both teach what you know to one another.

Computer skills are always in demand, and web design expertise is especially valuable. Depending on your own personal circumstances, time constraints, finances, and learning style, you can choose whichever of these learning methods suits you the best.

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