Mobile Internet Marketing For Phoenix Based Business

The next time you are out, take a look around you. Notably, you will find that at least 8 out of every ten people have one brand of smart phone or the other. These are used for more than just making phone calls or listening to music. In fact, a large number of consumers spend more time searching for information, making purchases or networking on their smart phones than on their PCs. The trend carries across all demographics and income levels as advanced mobile technology has become readily available.

A recent study has shown that over the past 5 years, the rate of mobile internet usage has increased by 90% yearly on average. When the numbers are broken down, a great number of these hits are generated by consumers viewing regular websites on their mobile devices. Businesses have taken notice of this trend and have started to adapt their strategies accordingly. There are large differences in how a regular website works and how a mobile site functions. Companies have made mobile sites that easily adapt to the smaller screen size of mobile devices, lower data transmission thresholds, as well as offering security regardless of the access point.

Mobile access has given average consumers more opportunities to explore their options and make decisions on the spot. Mobile sites cater to the needs of this trend by offering ways to review description, compare prices, and even complete purchases all from the comfort of a consumers handheld device.

Mobile Websites And Their Commercial Importance In Internet Marketing

The internet has changed the way business market their services to consumers. Not only are attractive websites important to encourage new sales, companies also needed to keep an eye on the mobile market. The explosion of mobile devices that rely in the internet for a large number of their services has brought the importance of website optimization for mobile access to the forefront. Internet usage via mobile devices is set to outpace that even of computers by the year 2015. Currently, half of mobile internet interaction is done through various applications, while a third is done via mobile websites.

Businesses that have invested heavily in building a strong web presence are benefiting greatly by configuring their transactional and website tools for the mobile user. Those that have yet to see the importance are being met with consumer frustration which often drives them to competitors sites. One of the main advantages of creating a website that is mobile friendly is the cost savings gained through leveraging current technology instead of creating new applications from scratch.

With so many advances in technology paired with the increased use of mobile devices with internet access, the need for websites that are mobile ready steadily increases. With more than half of internet traffic originating from handheld devices, creating a version of your website that caters to the mobile user is essential. The needs of a computer user and that of a mobile users differ in that hand held devices must be simple with an attractive, yet intuitive interface.

Studies show that consumers who are able to visit their favorite sites that have a mobile interface are much more likely to convert to long term visitors which also translate into higher conversion rates. For more information, please visit: Internet Marketing Phoenix

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