Tips and Tricks for Getting a Great New Phone

Want to know how to get a great new phone? Today we’re telling you all the best tips and tricks for getting a phone that you’re going to love for the right price. So before you start making any purchasing decisions, read on to find out some information that you might need…

The Best Latest Mobile Phones

If you’re interested in the top end of the market, then some of the latest mobile phones are absolutely amazing. High featured, powerful, fast and sleek and sexy too, there are some stunning new devices available right now. The best sellers at the moment are a few different models. The brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a super-fast and powerful phone, the HTC One is the best new business phone. The new Sony Xperia Z is not only a high feature phone, but is also waterproof. Even the new Blackberry Z10 is incredible, and unusually for a Blackberry is a fully touch screen phone. Looking for deals on top end models can be tough. They’re in such high demand that there isn’t much need for retailers to discount them. However, a little online shopping will usually get you some kind of deal. Make sure that you check out a price comparison web site for the best prices on the latest mobile phones, discounts might not be big, but with high ticket prices every little bit helps.

But There are Great Budget Models Too

Buying a smart phone on a tight budget used to be impossible, you generally had to forgo so many features that in the end you weren’t getting a smart phone at all. But that’s changed nowadays. Plenty of manufacturers are making great quality budget handsets for very reasonable prices. With a little care you can get a good phone for under a hundred and fifty pounds. One great model is the Huwaei Ascend G330, which is the highest featured phone that you can buy for this budget. You’ll want to take a close look at specs on a budget mobile. The minimum that you should be looking for is a three and a half inch screen size, an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory. But meet those limits and you’ll have a very capable device. Again, getting deals can be tough on budget models, because prices are already so low. But with a great phone for a hundred and fifty pounds, do you need any discounts?

Seriously Consider Going Refurbished

One of the best, and least commonly known, tricks to getting a great deal on a new mobile phone is to buy a refurbished model. You see these advertised with mobile operators sometimes, and you can always find them online. But what exactly are they? When someone buys a mobile phone and then returns is (usually unused and within a few days), retailers usually don’t just resell the device. They send it back to the factory, where it will need to pass a rigorous technical inspection, be cleaned and rebooted, and then certified for resale. Once all this has been done there will be absolutely no difference between a brand new phone and a refurbished one. Seriously, the will look, feel and act exactly the same. You’ll even get a warranty, just in case something goes wrong. And you’ll also get a substantial discount on the purchase price. Refurbished models are really worth looking into if you’re looking to get a great phone for a great price.

Skip the Incentive Contract if You Can

A lot of customers sign up for contracts with mobile operators to get the new mobile phone that they want. These contracts are called incentive contracts, and they don’t usually tend to be good deals. The problem is that the mobile phone you get when you sign up isn’t really free, it’s an instalment phone. You pay no money down, but you also pay more on your monthly phone bill to cover the cost of your phone over the duration of your contract. And even worse, if you add up all of the extra payments that you make, you’ll find that you pay more than the ticket price of your phone. If you’re looking to get a deal, you should really sign a SIM only contract (one that has no mobile phone) and buy your own hand set. Of course, if you’ve got zero cash at the moment and you need a phone, you might not have any other option, but at least know that you will be paying more than average.

Know Your Needs

Top end mobiles can be very tempting. But not all users really need these high end features. A 4G capable phone sounds great, you’ll get way faster internet speeds. But if you don’t have access to a 4G network and you don’t have a 4G data plan, then that phone is just going to connect using normal 3G anyway. So what’s the point in paying for features that you can’t or won’t use? Knowing your needs as a user is really key in choosing a phone that’s going to satisfy you and fall within your budget. What do average users need? The average smart phone looks something like this: a four inch screen, a 1 GHz dual core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and a 5 MP camera. Models like the Samsung Galaxy S2 are perfect mid-range models, and they’re not going to break the bank. The Galaxy S2, for example, retails for around two hundred and fifty pounds, less than half the price of the top end Galaxy S4 model. Take a serious look at the spec lists that come with new mobile phones and think about whether or not you’re really going to use all of those features. If you’re not, look for another model. Knowing what you need is going to save you money, and you shouldn’t underestimate that.

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