Tie Matching Factor – Necktie Pattern

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Ties come in many patterns ranging from stripes to paisleys to tartan-check. So how would you go about matching a patterned tie to a pin-striped suit and a checkered pattern dress shirt? What are the rules to matching necktie patterns?

The rule for matching patterns is that no two pieces of men suits should utilize the same pattern size and to a lesser degree pattern type. By pattern size I mean the distance between the stripes on your shirt should not be close to the width of the stripes on your tie; by doing this you can create an optical illusion of movement which the human eye finds unattractive. Hence matching a subtle pin-striped suit with a larger check patterned dress shirt and intricate paisley pattern tie is acceptable; however wearing that same pin-striped suit and large check patterned dress shirt with striped tie that too closely mimics the suits stripe separation will create a questionable look. This rule applies when matching 3 or 5 patterns and of all three factors is the most important; a man will not wear a tie whose color he doesnt like, but will often try to wear one whose color is pleasing but pattern is wrong.

Please note that for the purposes of tie matching we do not classify solid colored ties as having any pattern. Therefore the rules of pattern matching do not apply to true solid colored neckwear. As a result you could match multiple solids…..the combination would be boring, but acceptable. However, because pattern is not a factor the next two variables are even more important when considering a solid necktie.

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