This Time a life changing campaign for children can be backed by your valued support. This specially designed campaign to provide a 1CHANCE toolkit for the inner city students.

Importance Of The Campaign?

1. Students in UK do not get the second CHANCE to repeat their classes (in Years 7-10). They get only one chance to achieve.

2. Many of the students have are suffering from the risk of underachievement in the field of education, not because of their poor ability but only because of their post codes, school and local surroundings.

3. Students do not get to achieve the good employment opportunity as they and their family often fails to understand the keys to do well in schools.

4. Many students do not even have the access to their professional role models or to any other personality who could guide them towards success, both in learning or in life.

What does the 1Chance Toolkit include?

The 1chance toolkit offers many exciting things for helping young people.

1. 1Chance Education gift box

2. 1Chance Student & App Online Platform

3. 1Chance Education and Career Conference

How Your Contribution Can Help the Campaign?

As a contributor, one can help the campaign in many ways in raising achievements.

1. One can help providing information in the 1chance education gift box and generating the greatest change in the life of the students. They can get inspirited by the real life stories of the students who achieved a lot in life despite of many difficulties.

2. You can help the campaign by providing a journal that will highlight their good achievement to inspire them for better.

3. By offering them a proper employment guide for the community support, one can also help the families and students.

4. Contributors can also provide the guidance for 1Chance education and career conference.

Contributors and supports of the campaign had great feedback for the project to express. Geoff Schumann, a happy supporter said,”We are fighting for the battle of our children’s minds…But people have to pay: we need to start funding ourselves and ensure projects like this are long standing. Just like the Olympics, this should be our legacy! ” Angie Greaves, another

The Author is conveying information about Inner City Students You’re probably thinking, everyone says that, so, what’s different here. It’s the commitment of quality, genuineness, and a guarantee that values your time and interest.



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