The Uses of Jewelry Making Wire in Crafting Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry making wire is one of the essential components of beaded jewelry. However, you can also use it on its own and create gorgeous pieces for your personal use or earning some money. These wires can serve you many purposes; there are a lot of things that you can do with them. Some wire projects may require tools and jigs to create, but others can be done merely with your hands.

For every project, you need to choose the proper jewelry making wire according to sizes, from the thinnest to the thickest, and according to materials such as in alloys in silver- or gold-tone, copper, colored or coated wire, and even in solid gold or silver. You also need to choose the jewelry making wire according to its level of hardness, from the softest, which can be bent easily to the hardest, which requires certain tools to bend or manipulate.

Jewelry making wires are used to make wire links. Some wire shapes can be made into beautiful links for your jewelry project. There are lots of design options such as swirls; these are easy to craft and require only a pair of pliers. For those who havent tried yet, you can make beads out of jewelry making wires. Some tools may be required in doing this, and the styles that you can create may depend on the tools that you have available. The finished wire beads can then be used in the same fashion that you use the other beads such as glass, plastic, and other organic beads.

However, the most common use of jewelry making beads is for wire wrapping, which allows you to create jewelry pieces in a fantastic fashion. Wire wrapping is a popular technique of creating jewelry. The process is fairly easy and you can do this using any type of bead or pendant for a greater look. Of course, some shapes will be more difficult to wrap than the others. There are step by step directions for wire wrapping in many websites if you havent done this procedure yet. You will need to practice on this technique, but overtime, you will be able to produce interesting pieces.

If you are just a beginner, the good idea is to use of a jewelry making wire that is not made of fancy materials, and therefore is not expensive. As you become skilled in your craft, you may want to move to gold-filled and silver-filled wire. Meanwhile, it is suggested that you pick up some spoofs of jewelry making wire that costs only a few dollars or less just to get you started in making your jewelry project.

The tools that you will require in wire wrapping may include a wire cutter, flush cutter, a scale, file, a vise and assorted pliers such as round, flat, chain, and bent nose pliers. You will need these tools to bent and twist the jewelry making wire, as well as to crimp, flatten the wrap, shape and scroll it. The simple tools required will help you learn to wire wrap at home, and the procedure does not involve the use of fire, chemicals, kiln and any complicated machinery.

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