The Second Coming, a Short Film Production Aiming To Humanize Jesus Needs Funding At Kickstarter

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(December 13, 2017) – The Second Coming is an indie film project that is currently seeking Kickstarter funding to work on the different aspects of creating the movie. The film focuses on Jesus who returns to Earth but finds himself as a D-list celebrity who needs to adjust to his new life. While at one point of time Jesus was quite a globally renowned inspirational figure, now after returning to Earth a long time later he spiraled quickly from a position of fame to an unlikely D-list celebrity. However, things are not easy for Jesus as he tries to adjust to a new world. As he makes local appearances in different places for healing people from their perilous conditions, Jesus is forced to question his own place and purpose in this world. This dilemma is further aggravated by the fact that people have become more asinine and selfish in their requests. Eventually Jesus decides to simply leave all of these behind.

Although the story of this movie can easily be construed as a comedy skit or similar program on YouTube or some cheesy show in which some actor portrays Jesus in a typical Spirit Halloween costume, the movie is meant to serve a bigger purpose than that. The film aims to humanize Jesus and bring his story to millions in a new and unique way. For this reason, the makers of the movie is currently seeking funding from Kickstarter, the noted crowdfunding platform to help with the extras, shooting on multiple locations, crew, equipments, traveling and post production.

About The Second Coming Kickstarter campaign:
The Second Coming is a short production movie that aims to tell the story of Jesus in a modern perspective and humanize Jesus. A Kickstarter campaign is being carried out to seek for funders to give this project, fruition.

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The Second Coming is a major short film production that is currently seeking Kickstarter funding in order to get assisted with the different aspects of its production.

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