4FastPlumber Promotes Safety And Expands Mold Removal Services

Alexandria’s 4FastPlumber recently announced that it has expanded its mold removal services. The company stated that mold is an unfortunate byproduct of many plumbing issues, especially leaks. According to 4FastPlumber, mold can have hazardous effects on homeowners’ health and safety, as well as their property and wallet. 4FastPlumber said that its expanded mold removal services are intended to protect Alexandria homeowners from those hazards.

4FastPlumber also stated that its plumbing technicians have extensive training and expertise when it comes to recognizing mold colonies. The company mentioned that it also has extensive training and expertise when it comes to removing mold from the home. 4FastPlumber stated that it knows the process of removing mold from the home can be an inconvenient one for homeowners. The company went on to state that, for this reason, its expanded mold removal services include the timely and efficient removal of mold, so that homeowners can get back to their daily routine as quickly as possible.

4FastPlumber also stated that, since mold is such a dangerous health hazard, its expanded mold removal service is offered on a twenty-four hour basis. The company announced that its mold removal technicians are on call at any hour, on any day of the year. 4FastPlumber went on to state that mold buildup should certainly not be taken lightly, and DC homeowners who notice – or even suspect – that mold is accumulating within their home should contact a local plumber as soon as possible. More information concerning the company can be found at https://www.wikiocity.com/index.php?title=Virginia/Alexandria/4_Fast_Plumber/58229726&_Plumbing_Contractors%2F4_Fast_Plumber%2F58229726

In its closing statements, 4FastPlumber provided some company information. 4FastPlumber indicated that it has been providing many plumbing services – including remodeling, pipe repair, water heater repair, gas fitting services, and sewer line repair – to Alexandria residents for over twenty years. 4FastPlumber also went on to state that, for convenience, all of its plumbing services are offered on a twenty-four seven basis, throughout the year. The company stated that it offers 24/7 service to Alexandria residents, because it has always believed that the needs of its customers are of the utmost importance. Reviews of the plumbing company can be seen at https://www.google.com/maps/place/4+Fast+Plumber/@38.815019,-77.1521477,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe055b5baf137d8f0!8m2!3d38.815019!4d-77.149959?hl=en

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Company: 4FastPlumber
Address: 6309 7th St, Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone: (571)424-1279
Website: http://4fastplumber.com/alexandria-plumber/


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