The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 versus the Galaxy Note II

Its not new mobile news that Samsung loves big screens. If you look at the new Samsung Galaxy S4 you see a 5 inch full HD display. They are fantastic at putting big screens on premium phones.

Indeed, with the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 theyve released one of the biggest screens ever on a phone. This article will have a look at these two big Samsung Galaxy phones and compare them on design and a number of other features.
Its important to recognize that these displays are mammoth, even in big smartphone terms. Many people consider these phones phablets, rather than phones, and they certainly do merge the boundaries between tablets and phones.

The Design of the Two Phones

The mobile news was dominated by the Galaxy Note II for a period. It was rated Gadget of the Year and was an incredible device sporting excellent features and a stylus. Its still on many Top 10 mobile phone lists these days, well after it was released.

The Note II is a lot smaller than the Gargantuan Mega 6.3. It is also a little bit fatter and Samsung has done very well to slim down the Mega 6.3 to a more manageable size. However, the Note 2 certainly is more portable in terms of both weight and dimensions.

In terms of aesthetics the mega 6.3 for me is better. The chassis pattern comes around from the back to the front and increases grip as well as looking good. The Galaxy Note II just looks a little bit less premium next to the Samsung
Galaxy Mega 6.3.

As mentioned earlier the Samsung Galaxy Note II comes with a stylus, whereas the Galaxy mega 6.3 doesnt. The jury is out as to where the stylus is really a good idea for a phone; certainly some people enjoy using it. The phones are fairly comparable in appearance. They both have rounded corners, side buttons that are similarly placed and a physical home key in the center at the bottom. The design is distinctly “Galaxy” and certainly Samsung are developing an iconic look to their phones.


The Mega 6.3 has a 720×1280 HD resolution display. In terms of the technologies used on the phone and the pixel densities the phones are extremely different.
The Note II is Super AMOLED with HD, sporting 265ppi. It is vibrant and snazzy and offers enhanced colors including superb viewing angles. The Galaxy Mega is a brighter offering of an LCD panel instead of the Super AMOLED HD screen; it has slightly lower pixel density at 233ppi but the difference is negligible. It is much warmer and more natural than the Note 2 and a distinct change in terms of the big screen philosophy that Samsung tends to take.

Call Quality of the Two Phones

In terms of the earpiece the Note II for me is a little better and equally its noise cancelling mic makes the call quality at the other end of the line much crisper and cleaner as well. The Mega 6.3 has a very good earpiece but tends to get more artificial sounds and distortion, especially when volume is turned up.
Battery Life of the Phones

In terms of capacity both batteries are similar, with the Note II sporting a 3100 mega amp battery and the Mega 6.3 a slightly larger 3200 mega amp battery. Samsung officially state that the Note II can achieve 16 hours of Talk Time, however, the reality is that it hasnt matched up to those numbers in practice. We expect similar performance to the Note II on the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

The Verdict

The choice between the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II is for me a very easy decision. The Note II has a smaller display and is far more compact than the Galaxy Mega 6.3. The stylus is really a good addition and it has more internal memory as well. The camera is able to produce much better quality pictures and video, and youre likely to be able get the Note II cheaper as well.

If youre looking for the biggest screen and slimmest phone you can get, then the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is your choice. However, in general you should opt for the Note II because it is simply a better phone that is more usable and better performing on most tasks. If you are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 you should probably be considering a 7-inch tablet instead; to go alongside your phone.

Top Tip

When youre going for huge displays, like on the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, you should consider the usage of your mobile broadband data. Its not new mobile news that the consumption by high definition streaming is extremely high. You may end up using around 5 mbps.
A high definition movie can easily consume 5 GB of data, and in terms of mobile broadband data allowances that could be a mammoth hit to your monthly allowance. Indeed, most mobile broadband contracts that are around 40 pounds only come with 1 GB of data and the unlimited packages that are available tend to have usage caps set at 20 GB.

Breaking Mobile News

There may be well a Samsung Galaxy phone coming out with two displays that fold together. It will close up and then open up to produce a huge seamless big screen. Watch out for this in the mobile news as we may well soon get a preview.
There looks like there might also be an iPhone mega. There is a lot of speculation that Apple is going to broaden its range through the release of a 5.5-inch phone and a budget $300 phone too. Time will tell whether these rumours come to pass but it certainly looks like the budget phone is in process.

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