The Gentle Nuances of Process Serving

Contrary to popular beliefs, a legal run-in isn’t just the dramatic confrontation between the prosecutor and the defendant in court. There is a great deal of paperwork involved. Now when hiring an attorney or a legal advisor specializing in litigation cases, one often tends to overlook the sublime beauty of process serving. In the legal world, it is treated as the underdog – primarily because no one seems to notice its paramount importance. Let’s just say – the experience of a legal litigation will be completely different had it not been for the existence of the humble practise. But who is a process server, you might ask?

A process server is a legal personnel employed to deliver important legal documents like statutory demands, court summons, legal petitions, notices, injunctions to the addressed. Although this might seem like a regular delivery guy, it is far from it. It has to complete his work while following the said criteria of legal discipline to the letter. He must provide the said documents to the intended recipient personally or should sub-serve the documents to someone willing to receive the documents in their name.

The work of this practice however does not end there. He is expected to carry proof of having successfully delivered the papers. This is accomplished through the exchange of a document called the Proof of service. This notarized document is an affidavit that certifies receipt of the documents by the requested owners. To many people this process is extremely confusing, but the job of a this method cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Process servers are people who serve the legal system through this job alone. For this they receive a healthy remuneration for the number of papers served. This might range from $15 to even $100 for every paper. However, such salaries are completely dependent on the duration of the job, the complexity involved and the organization which is hiring you to do their job.

The average time taken by a job can range from half an hour to as long as two hours. For homeowners who are looking o earn extra money, even a sum like $50 is enough to get through the day. What’s more is that it is easy to become a process server. This job does not need fancy qualifications. The only condition for hire is that one should not have a criminal record of any kind. However experience in the legal field will be considered to be an added advantage in this line of work.

This line of work, like all others has its highs and lows. Process servers face the hassles of elusive candidates more often than can be expected. To avoid formal litigation, some people purposely avoid meeting with their process servers to accept the documents sent by the court. This bestows the added responsibility of hunting down the intended recipient.

To a process server, this job is as exciting as it gets. It’s an exciting chase in its own right but also involves a degree of danger.

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