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Today we simply can’t imagine our lives without smart phones which are becoming even smarter because of android phones. Android is undoubtedly a revolution and the number of apps that it provides us with is simply unimaginable. From books to movies and from games to grocery store, android apps have it all, but what was missing till now on android was a useful app that helps one with serving legal documents, but your wait is over friends because greyhound Legal has launched a wonderful app that offers legal services through a new mobile android app.

Greyhound Legal is an extremely reputable name in the world of legal services especially when it comes to Northwest Washington. The number of services that this company is offering through its app is unbelievable and consists of process services, mobile notary services, surveillance, stakeouts, witness services, fingerprinting, investigations and much more. In fact what is unbelievable is not the number of services this firm is offering, the astounding fact is that all these legal services are just a click away from you all. And if you are wondering about the money you need to shed to get all these services, well you’ll be surprised to know that Greyhound Legal is offering pre-paid legal services for a nominal fee of just seventeen dollars.

Legal services of all kinds demand a lot of caution, knowledge and quick action and through this mobile app one gets it all. The fact that this mobile application is better than the other apps offering legal services is that no other company offers “Guaranteed” services just like this one. Apart from giving a guarantee, the company is even offering a 100% money back guaranty for service in Pierce County no questions asked, and if that is not enough you get free people locates with each serve. The services provided to the users through this wonderful app will give you immediate access to legal forms like a free power of attorney. All your legal formalities will be handled by the experts working at Greyhound Legal. Apart from your attorney this company specializes in dignified service and will not be complacent when it comes to the delivery of you legal documents.

The world of apps is vast and never ending with the presence of different varieties of app but the app launched by Greyhound Legal definitely stands out from the rest due to its ease of installation, affordable price and attractive user interface. The services provided through this wonderful app are useful in a number of ways to each and every individual, be it for personal or professional purposes. So if you are using an android phone then don’t forget to install this app from Greyhound legal that is capable of solving all your legal matters and problems in a matter of few minutes. To take advantage of this , one needs to install this app from the Google play now because guaranteed legal services are awaiting you at the most affordable prices!

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