The Flute – Balloon – Puff Handkerchief Fold

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Square Pocket Handkerchief Fold FluteThe next style is the flute, sometimes called the balloon or puff handkerchief fold. This style is quite possibly the easiest to create, but the hardest to perfect. It is the least casual of all the pocket square folds, as it literally looks like you nonchalantly threw it into your pocket. However, this bit of sprezzatura is a planned combination of elegance, grace, and practice.

Flute, Balloon, Puff Handkerchief Fold Part 1 – With the handkerchief open and on a flat surface, pinch it from the middle and lift it up.

Square Pocket Handkerchief Fold FluteFlute, Balloon, Puff Handkerchief Fold Part 2 – With the other hand, create a ring with the thumb and index finger around the top of the handkerchief, right below the pinch, and pull downwards, forming a column or “flute”.

Square Pocket Handkerchief Fold Flute

Flute, Balloon, Puff Handkerchief Fold Part 3 – Fold so that about half of the fabric is on the “flute” end, half on the “point” end, and tuck into the pocket, so that 1″ to 1½” remains visible.

If necessary, adjust to fill the width of the pocket; should the flute be too tall or too short, re-flute, folding as needed to achieve the desired size. is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas custom made suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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