Surprisingly Complicated – A Simply Amazing Web Series Based on the True Story of a Family

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August 24, 2017 – Surprisingly complicated is a film about twin boys and their family. The boys are on the autism spectrum and were diagnosed this disease some thirteen years ago. When they were diagnosed with this condition, they didn’t have a lot of options and their expectation level was quite down. They had found few documentaries in the process, had access to some bloggers and their description and also some information about the cure and treatments of Autism.

The web series is about the struggles the family faced and the various challenges they have gone through to come to this present day. The series encompasses the quirks and the challenges of the family. It follows the Currans and their typical outing days and typical lifestyle things including their travel experience.

The family decided to make such a series, because they know that there is nothing like this on the internet. The children playing the roles of the kids are also on the same spectrum. This initiative has been made to stay true to the storyline. This video will help every other person understand about the difficulties that they will be facing in the nearest future. The story is not just about what parents endure, but is also about giving hope to them, who might think this journey to be a difficult phase and unbearable to overcome.

The pilot has been self-funded and to ensure that the project continues for a longer time, it is necessary for others to help the project producers. The people were lucky with location, as they got to shot in and around their home. The team now requires funding and this is the reason Kickstarter, South Florida children taxi service has started supporting this project.

About Surprisingly Complicated
The series will comprise of 12 episodes which also includes the pilot episode having a total length of 15 minutes. The amount they will use will then go to fund more and more episodes. There are also many things that you can have

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The story depicts the life of a family and twin boys diagnosed with Autism. click the link for more info webseries

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