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Diving, surfing, kayaking, and many other activities are really exciting, and lots of women like to take part in such sports. But, to enjoy all these things, you have to buy high-quality women’s wetsuit. The best wetsuit follows your body contour to allow you in moving freely.

Wetsuit for women always works in a unique way to give warmth to the body. This outfit holds a very thin water layer between neoprene and our own skin. Heat from our body warms up the water layer. That is why we feel comfortable and warm no matter how frosty the surrounding is. Better fittings always give warmer feeling.

What you must consider to purchase a wetsuit-

Thickness- An important for your wetsuit-

To determine the thickness of your wetsuit, you may better decide on the condition, when you like to wear it. If you need to do your activity in cold water, then you can choose a thicker one. While the layer of neoprene is much thicker, you will also have better insulation. Usually, 3/2mm is best for hot summer season, while a wetsuit with 5/4mm thickness may suit best for you in the winter season.

However, most of the divers like to stick to a specific thickness. It is a fact that neoprene can lose a part of their insulation ability due to the water pressure. So, these divers want to have thicker suit.

Neoprene quality- Not same for all the products –

Though most of the wetsuits have neoprene, they have difference in quality. While you have chosen a higher quality, you can find the suit to be much flexible and lightweight. So, get the best women’s wetsuit that is stretchy enough and gives the ultimate comfort.

Stitchless design- The latest trend-

It is a new idea to keep a neoprene wetsuit stitchless in design. If your suit has no stitch, then there is also no presence of holes. Technological advancement has led to the fusion of all the panels. These panels of neoprene become so strong that they can endure any abrasion. The stitchless version gives you some benefits-

•Allows more stretching
•No leakage of holes

Zippered wetsuit- Pick the style-

Zipper allows you to put on your wetsuit easily. A longer zipper may simplify this process. However, this lengthy zipper can lead to more flushing of water. Thus, many winter wetsuits offer you short-sized zippers. The metal ones are also more resilient.

Stitching of various styles –

Most of the wetsuits have special blind stitching, and it is such a technique, where a needle does not penetrate fully to your fabric. This stitching style allows you to keep out the access of water. That is why it is also called as the waterproof stitches.

Over lock stitching-

It is a traditional option, applied mostly in the thinner wetsuit. While you find bigger stitches, you may recognize it as the over lock style. Though it leaves holes, it’s much strong.

Liquid taping-

This is the name of another stitching mode, and the designer uses a kind of rubber for stitching neoprene. The outer and inner side can get sealed to give you a durable and waterproof product.

To conclude, we can say that wetsuit for women is slightly different from the men’s outfit. However, slender women with smaller boobs may also put on the wetsuit, designed for men.

The womens wetsuit , made of neoprene, are always useful to the divers, windsurfers, canoeists and many other professionals. This wetsuit for women maintains the right level of buoyancy and thermal insulation. The special designs of wetsuits give comfort to the wearers. You can also buy a wetsuit, considering all its features.

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