SpyCrushers Spy Pen Gets Customers Promoted At Work

SpyCrushers rep talks about how customer receives a promotion at work because using his spy pen.

Recently at Spycrushers headquarters, company President, Ryan Anderson shared with a group of attendees a courageous email sent to him from a recent SpyCrushers 1080p HD Spy Pen customer.

“You never know what kind of positive effect a product can have on a person’s life,” said Anderson.

“I was blown away by an email we received from a customer of our 1080p spy pen camera. In it the customer wrote about how he was being falsely accused of inappropriate acts and behavior towards a female co-worker in his department. He went on to explain how he purchased a spy pen from us through Amazon and used it to clear his name of any wrong doing. So much so that in the end he was offered a promotion due to the fact he was falsely accused and almost terminated as a result,” Anderson continued.

Today’s headlines are filled with people being accused and even criminally charged for sexual misconduct. These kinds of circumstances are not to be taken lightly. It is important to protect yourself from not only sexual predators, but also those who may falsely accuse you of such acts.

Anderson went on to say how impressed their customer was with the spy pen’s quality, reliability and performance. “Your product changed my life,” said Anderson quoting the customer. “If it were not for your pen camera product I would have surely lost my job and my reputation,” Anderson continued.

Anderson stop short of going into full detail of the process of which the product was used and to what extent. However, Anderson did say that the customer recorded a thirty minute video of the woman in question confessing that what she had report about him and his behavior was a lie. As well as, how she was also planning to use this lie in an effort to blackmail the customer for a job promotion and a higher salary.

Concluding Anderson commended their customer by saying he was glad their customer had exonerated himself of any wrong doing and hopes that anyone who is falsely accused of such acts will have proper means and ways of defending themselves too.

The SpyCrushers spy camera line can be found on Spycrushers.com or on Amazon when using the search word spycrushers inside any open search bar found on any Amazon webpage.

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