Setting Up 3 Broadband

A lot of people view 3 Mobile broadband as the best solution for them. However, when you get your broadband package you need to know how to setup the devices and the connection. Much of the work has been taken out of this with the advent of plug in and play software. Of course, there are still things that you should know when setting up the broadband to ensure that your connection is stable, secure and done correctly.

Types of 3 Broadband You Can Get
Before you look at how you can setup the mobile broadband you have to consider the device you have received. It is possible to buy a dongle, MiFi device or a mobile broadband router with your 3 Broadband packages. If you have chosen a sim card only deal then you should also look at how you set up the device you are going to use the sim card in.

Setting Up Your Dongle
The most common means of connecting to mobile broadband is through a dongle. A dongle is a mobile modem which is the same size as a USB flash drive and connects to your computer through the USB port. Setting up these devices has become very simple over the years with the inclusion of plug in and play software on the dongle.

The first step in setting up your dongle is to insert the sim card you received with the device. You should be able to locate the area where the sim card is meant to go in the user instruction guide. Once the sim card is inserted you simply have to plug the dongle into your computers USB port. The software stored on the dongle should activate as soon as you plug the dongle in. If this does not happen then you will have to find the device under your computer settings and manually start the process.

The software should install onto the computer and you will then be able to connect to the internet. If you have problems connecting you should check that your dongle is picking up the 3G network. There is usually a light on the dongle that flashes when the network is not available and is stable when the dongle connects. If you have further problems you should consult your user guide for any troubleshooting solutions they may have.

If you cannot connect to the internet you should check if you have data available on your plan. This is particularly important if you are using a pay-as-you-go dongle. The data you purchase for the dongle is only valid for 30 days and then it expires. This is the same for the data that comes pre-loaded when you first get the dongle. If you are setting up the device more than 30 days purchase then you have to top up the data amounts.

Setting Up MiFi
MiFi or mobile Wi-Fi is a new means of connecting to the 3G network. The initial setup of the MiFi device is very similar to setting up a dongle. The main difference is that you do not connect this device to your computer using a USB port. Once the sim card is in the device you should be able to pick up the wireless signal from the device.

If you are unable to then you need to check that the device is connected to the 3G network and that it is creating the wireless signal. Some devices come with a wired connection which helps with setup, but many do not. It is best to check the manual for the device to determine what the problem is and how to troubleshoot this.

Mobile Broadband Routers
If you are going to use your mobile broadband as a substitute for a fixed line connection then you need a mobile broadband router. Some providers will be able to give you a router, but you generally have to get a generic router from a hardware provider. These generic routers work in two ways and they are through the connection of a dongle and the connection of a mobile broadband card. The mobile broadband card routers are becoming more obsolete as they are replaced with the dongle routers.

To use these routers you first have to set up your dongle. Once the dongle is set up you plug it into the router instead of the computer. When you have done this the setup of the router will work in the same way as setting up a fixed line broadband router. You need to set up wireless security and ensure that the signal reaches everyone.

When you use a router you should also set up alerts that tell you when you are close to using your data limit. These alerts could come from the router or your service provider. People using mobile routers tend to go through their data allowance much faster.

3G enabled Device
There are two types of 3G enabled devices that you may have to set up and they are a laptop and a tablet. When you are setting up a 3G enabled laptop you have to confirm whether or not the device is locked to a certain service provider. If the laptop is not locked then you simply have to insert the sim card into the correct port. All of the necessary software will be on the computer already and you simply need to ensure that you are in the network range.

Tablets are also very easy to setup and they are generally not locked to a single service provider. With the tablet you have to insert the sim card in the correct place. You may have to remove the back over of the tablet to find where the sim card should be placed. Once you have done this the tablet should automatically take care of the connection.

If you experience problems with the laptop or tablet it is recommended that you consult your manual. The troubleshooting for these devices will vary depending on the make and model.

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