How to Fix Broadband Internet Connection Issues With Your Apple TV

If your Apple TV begins to experience wireless or wired broadband Internet connection issues, you will soon find out that the functionality of Apples set top box can grind to a complete halt. All of the revolutionary features included with Apples device require a constant Internet connection to utilize. Without the ability to communicate with the World Wide Web, the box will be unable to access your Pandora playlist, pull up your Netflix queue or even stream all of your favorite songs from a computers hard drive to your television set. Luckily, fixing Internet connection issues with your Apple TV is just as easy as setting the box up in the first place.

Step 1
Verify that the cables that connect your Apple TV to the other devices in your home entertainment setup are plugged in properly. If youre an experiencing Internet connectivity issues with your Apple TV and you are using a wired Internet connection, for example, make sure that the Ethernet cable youre using is plugged in at both the Apple TV and the router. If the cable becomes disconnected at one of the two access points, the entire Internet connection could cease to function.

Step 2
Make sure that your Apple TV is able to recognize the IP address that is in use by your home wired or wireless network. Your Apple TV must be able to recognize the proper Internet protocol address for the network in question before it can use that address to access the Web. Turn on your Apple TV and open the “Settings” application. Open the menu labeled “General,” followed by the option labeled “Network.” Make sure that the IP address in the listing on screen matches the IP address that you can see when you open the Network and Sharing Center on your Windows computer.

Step 3
Reset the network equipment in your home. An Internet connectivity issue with your Apple TV may point to a larger problem that the network equipment is currently experiencing. Unplug any router or modem that you are using in your home and keep them powered off for 30 seconds to one minute. After the appropriate period of time has passed, plug the equipment back in and try to use your Apple TV again.

Step 4
Reset your Apple TV. The process of resetting an Apple TV is actually quite similar to resetting the modem and router in your Internet connection setup. Unplug the Apple TV power cable and allow it to remain unplugged for around one minute. After the appropriate time has passed, plug the Apple TV back in and attempt to use it to connect to the Internet once again.

Another thing to look at would be the total number of devices that are connected to your homes broadband Internet connection. If you are experiencing speed issues with regards to media playback on your Apple TV, those issues are likely caused by having too many devices on the same network at any one time.

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