Romance Regardless of the Weather: A Sicily Honeymoon for Every Season

Wedding planning can of course be very stressful – and that includes deciding on a date. Still, if you’re planning a Sicily honeymoon, you can have a great time whatever the season. Read on to learn about what the island has to offer year-round and breathe a little easier about working your honeymoon around your wedding date.


In what will become something of a recurring theme for this article, the first thing to note about the Sicilian spring is that it’s generally very warm. It’s also astonishingly beautiful. Blossoms break through after the chillier winter, with thousands of flowers visible even in cities and towns thanks to the island’s flourishing culture of decoration and gardening.

Though it depends on precisely when you take your Sicily honeymoon, Mt Etna is unlikely to be skiable in the spring. It might still have a coating of snow, though, and there’s something special about seeing a mountain come to life as the snow melt flows away.


The island is a favorite destination among holidaymakers for its sun, sea and sand, and it’s not hard to see why. Beaches are golden or white, from fine, soft sand to rocky cliffs. It’s the perfect environment for everything from sunbathing to picnics.

If you want some action on your Sicily honeymoon, the summer is the perfect time to visit, with a large variety of water sports on offer including relaxing pedal boats, jet skis and more.

There are also more than enough bars and restaurants with their doors wide open in the summer sun – make sure to try out some of the food and drink Sicily is famous for!

Top Tip: Avoid peak tourist times like school holidays if you can – the island can become very crowded.


Its southern location means autumn starts later on the island than in most of mainland Italy. It generally stays sunny and warm until October, and even then the water is warm enough to swim in.

The days are long and bright, and the slightly cooler weather makes autumn the perfect time to go out on excursions. Towns like Zafferana Etnea are excellent little spots – it’s worth visiting for its market, held every Sunday throughout October.

It’s also a great time to go to Mt Etna, as hiking is a lot easier out of the sometimes sweltering summer heat. Look out for deepening reds and browns in leaves and plants, too.


While museums offer a chance to learn some of the island’s history while sheltering from the rain, even the coolest months of the year are pretty mild on the island, with plenty of sunny days offering you the perfect chance to see another side to its natural beauty.

A Christmas Sicily honeymoon will let you take advantage of quaint markets adorned with twinkling lights, while coming in February lets you see the unique sight of a sea urchin harvest.

Top Tip: If you’re into sports, take the chance to visit Etna Sud for the unique experience of mountain skiing with a bright blue ocean view.

A Sicily honeymoon is a great idea all year round, and we hope that this list has helped you think about when best to visit this fascinating, unique island.

John Dixon is the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays, and has been working alongside his advisors for 30 years to craft luxury getaways in various resorts across the globe. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke Sicily honeymoon or a culture-fueled escorted tour elsewhere, this company will provide you with the very best.