The Most Romantic Spots in Sicily: Honeymoon Edition

If you want to follow the lead of some of the most romantic people in history, heading to Italy for your honeymoon is a natural choice. And, while this is a country where you can find romance at every turn, there’s no place more spectacular than Sicily. Honeymoon destinations don’t get much better than this stunning sun-kissed Italian island, and there are plenty of places to find the love.


What goes best with love? We dare suggest chocolate! Throw in the beauty of its delicate Baroque architecture, and you’ll definitely find magic in Modica, in the southeast of Sicily. Honeymoon here and you’ll be embraced not only by the arms of your love, but also by the centuries of history and culture of this lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site. Part of that is defined by its long heritage of chocolate making, so a visit to Antica Dolceria Bonajuto (its oldest and most famous chocolate shop) will be a sweet treat to remember.


Renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, honeymoon itineraries that take in the city of Syracuse open you up to a picturesque plethora of rich ocean views and even richer history. You can take long leisurely walks through ancient Greek ruins, visit impressive castles, close you eyes and hear the echoes of the greats in the Greek theatre, and stroll along stunning coastal trails. At the end of your visit you can pledge your eternal love to each other with vivid acoustic results in the legendary Ear of Dionysus.

Novara di Sicilia

While the lure of the coastline is strong (it’s an island, after all), there is so much beauty to be found inland in Sicily. Honeymoon in the mountains at the charming village of Novara di Sicilia and you’ll enjoy it at its very best. The drive to get to this enchanting location is dramatic, delightful and truly breath-taking, and the vision of the spires and twisting cobblestoned streets of this picture-perfect town will stamp lifelong romantic memories in your heart.


Perhaps one of the most high-profile locations on our list, if Scicli looks strangely familiar, it’s because this UNESCO World Heritage Site has featured in an impressive array of films and television shows. Nestled into the gorgeous region of Val di Noto, with its many churches and delicate Baroque architecture decorating its historic streets, the town looks like it belongs in the pages of a fairy tale book. Where better to create your very own real-life fairy tale?


Combining tranquil beaches and fascinating Norman and Arab heritage, this delightful medieval town just might have it all. It’s the perfect place to take meandering walks around the Old Town to soak up the history, or down to the waterfront to watch the fisherman haul in their catch of the day as they have done for centuries. Ambient, authentic and absolutely relaxing…

Sicily: Honeymoon Holidays to Remember

These are just a handful of the locations ripe for romance on the island and you wouldn’t go wrong with any of them. It would be hard to think of any place more lovely and memorable for the most significant holiday of your lives.

John Dixon is the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays, and has been working alongside his advisors for 30 years to craft luxury Sicily honeymoon itineraries, as well as holidays to Croatia, Bermuda and many other fantastic destinations. His love for the finer things in life is evident in his work, as he strives to provide his clients with only the best luxury accommodation options.

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