Real or false: the suggestions for how to identify the quality of the human hair wigs

The 100 percent human hair wigs for black women is usually very rarely and the price of it is much higher than the normal silk top lace wig. Many unscrupulous traders have commonly taken the high-temperature wire instead of the real human hair. In order to give most of the consumers the better identification methods for the real human hair, we have listed a few simple methods of identification. These identification methods are all source from the website , which is a best online store for the best silk top full lace wigs, Glueless full lace human hair wigs and other kinds of cheap full lace wig.

The first identification method is about the through-hole level of the human hair wigs for black women. This method could help us test whether the surface of hair is injured or not. Someone will have the problem what is through-hole level? Through-hole level of the hair is the hair cuticle to allow the absorption and ability to penetrate the moisture and hair care products. Everyone has different hair through-hole porosity. When the hair of us has the permeability, the through porosity will be enhanced. This is the important method for us to identify whether the human hair wigs have the high quality or not.

The hair cuticle of the hair without permeability has flatted against the hair shaft. When this kind of hair has been exposed to light, it could reflect the sunlight and the light would make hair look shiny. In the process of combing, this kind of hair is not easy to be damaged. The cuticle of the permeability hair is open. Therefore, the hair is uneven and the sunlight could penetrate into the hair without reflecting. It will be results in lacking luster of the lace wig for black women. The test method for the lace wig for black women is very simple for us. We should only lift a number of small cluster hairs. And then pull the hair tail with our fingers. Then, we should slide from the hair shaft to the roots. If there is a rough feeling, we could say the hair of the lace wig for black women is permeable.

Second test method we want to tell you is the flexibility test. The elasticity of the hair is meant the capacity of the hair which from the straightened condition to the original length. Healthy hair could be generally stretched to one third of the original length. When the hair is wetted, the elasticity ability of the hair would be increased. If the there is damage to the hair, in a word, the hair is permeable. Thereby the elasticity of the hair will be reduced. The test method is that picks up a hair with the index finger and thumb. And then gently stretch the hair and the hair of Lace Front Wigs for black women can be stretched. When the test is over and the hair back to its original length, we could see whether the length of the hair has been changed. on line store supply the best silk top full lace wigs,virgin Full lace wigs,our glueless cheap lace wigs price ,silk top glueless full lace human hair wigs is better than other,buy the best lace wigs from us now.



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