Knowing about the differences between the medical wig and the normal full lace wig

There are many differences between the medical wig and the normal best full lace wig. Today the online store will tell you the clear difference between these wigs. This online shop is the professional supplier for the lace wigs with baby hair, human hair lace front wigs for black women, cheap glueless human hair lace wigs and other high quality lace wig. The address of the website is .

The first step is that we want to introduce you the application and other details of the medical wig. The medical human hair lace wigs has generally been applied to the head which has had the surgery or the hair customers who have loss hair after chemotherapy. The first requirement for wig of this type of customer is comfortable. Because the bottom of the cheap full lace wig has directly contacted with the scalp of the head, so there would be more demanding for the fabric of the wig.

We generally use the Class A material which could be directly contact with the skin of the head. The soft material is more suitable for the contacting with the skin without causing redness, swelling and allergies. Good air permeability will contribute to the recovery of the wound. The pores of the head can breathe freely. We will have the feeling of refreshing.

The wearing for the medical wig needs a good stability. The traditional pawl cannot be used. The fixing by the elasticity of the fabric of the wig is the best choice. The color of the wig has to be more natural and health. The requirement of the fidelity should be higher which other people cannot identify the real or false for the wig.

The fashion wigs such as the silk top lace wigs, glueless full lace human hair wigs and other cheap full lace wig are very common in our daily life. As we all know, the fashion wig hair are generally more suitable for the people who have the white hair or the people who often dye their hair and constantly change their hairstyle. Many customers who prefer to the fashion best full lace wig are willing to pursue the varied and style of the hairstyle. They need to suitable hairstyle for different occasions so the lace wig is their best choice.

Many fashion lace wigs have been used to match the different occasions in our daily life. So the wearing time for the best indian virgin lace wigs is not too long. The requirements for the production process of the fashion lace wig are not higher than medical wig. So the cost of the fashion lace wig is often cheaper than the medical wig. However, if you prefer to the long-term wearing, it is also recommended the hand-woven lace wig with better permeability. on line store supply the best silk top full lace wigs,virgin Full lace wigs,our glueless cheap lace wigs price ,silk top classiclacewigs is better than other,buy the best lace wigs from us now.




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