POP Has Taught Two Thousand Students How to Talk About Politics

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POP (People over Politics) is a nonprofit organization that has taught around two thousand students how to discuss politics. It has partnered with advisors from Washington University in St. Louis & the University of California Los Angeles to develop a curriculum that encourages people to question and consider all perspectives on a major issue. All individuals are welcome to attend a POP discussion, where people share their thoughts, beliefs, stories and understanding of the world in non-judgmental way.

This organization poses the right questions to help people understand themselves and their communities. POP combines techniques used by top universities, businesses & organizations to open people up to participate. Each POP discussion is centered around one world issue, and the discussions are broken into four parts: understanding issues, questioning personal beliefs, considering other perspectives, and taking action.

POP was founded by Olivia Brown, a freshman at Stanford university, in 2015 after she moved to Los Angeles from Missouri. She says that her “understanding of the world and major issues shifted” after being exposed to those with different opinions. Since then, she’s been on a mission to help people question, consider, and understand varying perspectives, especially after the hatred that spiked during the 2016 election. “I saw both of my homes begin to loathe one another, though they never tried to understand the other side,” she said.

POP holds discussions twice per month in nearly 30 different locations across Missouri & California. All students are welcome. Any interested community partners or volunteers should contact the organization to help spread the cause.

About People Over Politics:
People over Politics is a non-profit organization that holds discussion to help teach people how to talk about politics and understand diverse perspectives on world issues. POP has involved over 2000 students in 28 locations across Missouri & California.

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