Ohio Employee Issues Delay Plastics Company Growth Potential

Employee issues are common in a recession. Layoffs plague businesses of all sizes as companies are downsizing to make ends meet. Granger Plastics Company is having another type of problem. As the pool of available workers increases and applicants are flooding in for positions, Granger Plastics Company is actually hindered by the growing pool of unqualified workers.

There is already a lack of employees experienced in rotational molding as the number of rotomolders continues to decline. It has been increasingly difficult for plastics companies to hire employees with any part of the skill set used for rotational molding. Unfortunately, it is often after many hours of training put into an employee, when it is discovered that he/she is unable to perform the required duties satisfactorily.

The most common issue at Granger is finding employees who come to work regularly. The no-fault attendance policy leads to termination for employees who do not attend work. There are many opportunities to continue training and gain responsibility as an employee of Granger for those that do exhibit commitment to their career.

Though typically classified as general factory labor, rotational molding requires an understanding of the process and attention to detail. Small changes are constantly made to maximize production and an employee must understand not only what they are doing but why they are doing it.

Granger Plastics Company utilizes cutting edge custom engineering to manufacture many products for companies worldwide with the highest standards and specifications. Granger is renowned for solving issues through design that seem impossible to other rotational molders. The capabilities of rotational molding for many applications are unsurpassed in design, durability and capacity.

Granger Industries is a manufacturer of the highest quality rotationally molded products. Granger Plastics is a division of Granger Industries which also includes ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world recognized rotational molder manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products. To learn more about Granger Plastics Company please visit www.grangerplastics.com or contact us at 513-424-1955. To learn more about Granger Industries please visit www.grangerindustries.com .

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