Places To Visit On St Thomas Island

A trip to St. Thomas Island offers a person a chance to do much more than simply get away from it all by visiting a tropical paradise. This particular island also happens to be home to some of the most interesting sights and sounds in the world and is a vacation destination that will not soon be forgotten. The island is home to some of the most fascinating architecture anywhere in the tropical region and includes everything from incredible homes to fascinating museums and even beautiful churches, which makes it popular for anyone who has a passion for unique buildings.

The 99 Steps are a famous tourist attraction on St. Thomas Island and lead up to the government house. These steps were originally ballast used by Danish ships and a visit to St. Thomas Island is not complete without seeing this impressive structure in person. The government house itself is where the governor of the US Virgin Islands conducts business and represents a perfect example of the neoclassical style of architecture. The building was originally constructed in 1867 for the Danish Colonial Council but was thoroughly renovated in the mid-90s and also offers a fantastic view of both the city and the harbor.

Individuals looking for an interesting sightseeing adventure should not miss the Paradise Point Tramway. Although those tourists who have a fear of heights might want to skip this particular attraction, it is one of the best ways to get a bird’s eye view of St. Thomas Island thanks to its 700-foot ascent. On the Tramway, a person can take in the sights of the nearby sailboats, cruise ships, and even the neighboring islands.

The second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere is also located on St. Thomas Island and is one of the most well-preserved buildings in the area. Originally constructed in 1833, an individual does not have to be a member of the Jewish faith in order to appreciate the unique nature of this particular house of worship. Also on the list of the storied buildings to visit is Blackbeard’s Castle. This particular tower was once home to a notorious pirate and is unlike any other building that a person will find on the island.

Individuals looking for the ultimate shopping experience should also set aside time to visit Market Square. This open-air produce market is open for business all week long, but Saturday is by far the one that gets the most visits. This particular spot on St. Thomas Island was originally an area where African slaves were sold, but now is a popular area for both locals and tourists to purchase a wide variety of items.

While there are plenty of tourist attractions on St. Thomas Island and countless opportunities to spend time in and around the water, it is the historic nature of the island that really keeps visitors coming back time and again. There is so much to see and do, in fact, that it will probably take more than one or two trips to get a feel for this unique destination.

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