Pioneer’s CO Purification Technology into the List

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By Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Science and Technology, an announcement was made on 27th December 2017 that to help the research and development of important environmental technology meet the needs of its industrialization, to promote the application of new technology, new product and new equipment, and to improve the manufacturing standards of environmental equipment, Important Environmental Technology and Equipment List Advocated by the State was drafted (hereinafter referred to as List). There are 146 items in the list, which could be divided into 3 classes, Class of Research and Development (27 items), Class of Application (42) and Class of Promotion (77 items). Those items involve the environmental technologies in atmospheric pollution prevention, water pollution prevention and comprehensive utilization of resources. The technology, Complete sets of Equipment for Comprehensive Utilization of Off-gases Containing Carbon Monoxide, declared by Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Pioneer) was drafted into the List on Class of Promotion.

The purified carbon monoxide is one of important raw material in C1 chemical engineering. There are two carbon monoxide resources in industry. One is converted from the coal, the oil, the natural gas and other fussil fuels, and the other is industrial mixed off-gases, such as yellow phosphorus off-gas, sealed calcium carbide furnace off-gas, blast furnace off-gas, converter off-gas, synthesis ammonia purge gas. Plenty of carbon monoxide exists in those off-gases, but actually most of the carbon monoxide doesn’t be well used. The reason why carbon monoxide can’t be well used is that the components of the off-gases are complex, for which it is much more difficult to purify the carbon monoxide into a high grade, in addition the investment to purify the carbon monoxide is really high. So, a few companies only do preliminary purification of carbon monoxide from the off-gas, while few companies do comprehensive purification for high added values. Experts in industry says advanced separation, enrichment and purification technology will decrease the investment of carbon monoxide purification, which brings power on the development of C1 chemical engineering.

After years of independent research and development, Pioneer grasped an advanced carbon monoxide purification technology , which can separate the carbon monoxide from industrial off-gases, take full use of it and reduce waste of energy. Compared with traditional carbon monoxide purification technology, Pioneer’s PSA carbon monoxide purification technology ensures advanced process specification, at the same time ensures the economic benefits of the clients by reducing the investment, which creates a win-win situation of economy and benefits. The main technical specifications of Pioneer’s technology are as following: the description of carbon monoxide in off gas is 1% to 95%; the description of carbon monoxide product is 50% to 99%; recovery rate of carbon monoxide is 85%. Such an advanced carbon monoxide purification technology can be used in blast furnace off-gas, converter off-gas, calcium carbide furnace purge gas, yellow phosphorus off-gas and other carbon monoxide containing off-gases.

Presently, Pioneer constantly push its PSA carbon monoxide purification technology into industrialization in domestic market, and this technology has been used in blast furnace off-gas treatment, converter off-gas treatment and calcium carbide purge gas treatment. Under the philosophy of friendly environment, energy saving, and development of chemical engineering, Pioneer is ready to give solutions on off-gases comprehensive utilization to those companies who are in need.

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