People who want to rent Shanghai apartments should pay more attention to following points

Nowadays, more and more people in large city such as Shanghai are willing to rent the Shanghai apartment to live. This kind of people is very commonly especially among a lot of newly graduated students. However, the renting for Shanghai apartments has already become a part of their life. So, what are the attentively points which people especially for the new graduated students should pay attention to? How to choose the suitable rental house? How to protect the right of people who want to rent their own shanghai apartment for rent? The professional agency for Shanghai house rental which website is would introduce with all people these attentively points.

First, people should try to find a qualified intermediary company such as the However, the small agency itself is imperfect and it may not been checked by his lawyer. If there would be a dispute, it is difficult for people to protect their interests. This point is the most crucial point for the students who is just walk out from their school.

Second, the renter should view the real estate license of the householder and they should sign a formal contract. Only the house with the license of real estate Shanghai could be signed the officially contract. The general screening agency will verify the qualifications of the landlord. If the property owner is not clear, the legitimate interests of tenants would be difficult to secure and the rent fee would be swept away by the liar.

Second, the render should note the environment, sanitation and other facilities of the rent house in Shanghai. This would let people know whether their future would be convenient or not.

Thirdly, the rent fee should be less than a quarter of renters¡¯ monthly income. If the rent would be much more expensive, the people should consider to changing another one.

The other point the renter should be careful is the checking with the inner facilities and furniture. If there is some broken points, people should early tell them to the householders. Otherwise, there would be misunderstanding in the future.

In addition, there are also many details in the rental process which the renters should be noted. First, the on-site inspection for the renting shanghai apartments should be necessary as it has been described before. Secondly, in the lease contract signed, it must take to distinguish between rights and obligations. Third, when renter and householder are signing the contract, they should indicate the number of devices within the house and the more specific the better. Fourth, if people who rent the house together, each people should be sure to leave prints of each other identity cards, work permits and phone number. Provides Shanghai apartments houses for rent, Maxview Realty offers a full range of real estate consulting services provider, helping expats living in Shanghai.




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