Does the increasing for rental fee of Beijing apartment unreasonable or not?

How expensive of the price for rental fee for apartments Beijing? According to the the latest statistics from the market research of Maxview Realty which is the professional provider for Beijing apartments and houses for rent, the rent fee for average square meter is 55.7 RMB in April. In accordance with the April projection, the monthly rent fee a 60 square meters house with a bed room and an apartment is 3,300 RMB. If this house is located within the Fourth Ring Road which has convenient transportation, then the price of the rent fee for apartment in Beijing would be the near 4,500 RMB per month.

You should know that the above prices are just for the ordinary apartments in Beijing. On the other hand, the high-end residential rent fee for Beijing housing is really amazing. According to the survey from the professional organization, the monthly price for high-end rental in Beijing is about 167.1 RMB per square meter in the first quarter of 2013. However, the monthly rent Hotel serviced apartment in Beijing is about 236 RMB per square meter. In other words, the monthly rent fee for a set of 60 square meters of luxury Beijing real estate could reach to about 14,000 RMB. If you want to have more information about living in Beijing, you could browse the website .

If you could not experience the renting in Beijing apartment, you should not know how expensive the rent fee is. If you did not become the render, you could not know the pain of no room. But some people who are living in Beijing could have the question that why the landlord always want to up the rent fee? The reporter from Maxview Realty has interviewed the owners who have a room in the city of the first international and he gave reporters the calculations for the price for rent. He has bought one set of 80 square meters room with two bedrooms which had spent him 3 million RMB. Now, the rental fee for this apartment in Beijing is about 5,500 RMB per month. Excluding the cost for heating, property, rental agent fees and vacancy loss, he could get 5 million RMB per year and the rate of return is less than 1.7 percent.

This revenue is not as good as the same period of bank deposit. If he only relies on the rent, he must rent his apartments beijing for 60 years to recover all the investment. The house owner believed that such a cheap rent is clearly not inconsistent with common sense. In his view, the price increase for the rent fee of rent Beijing is inevitable.From the data of the Maxview Realty, the average rent fee of rental in Beijing is about 52 RMB for per square meter and the cumulative increase for the year was 11.1 percent. This is the lowest increasing in the past three years. From the data, it has shown that the rising for rent price of Beijing apartment has rose 13 percent and 19 percent in the year of 2011 and 2010. – Provides Beijing apartments & houses for rent, Maxview Realty a full range of real estate consulting services provider, helping expats living in Beijing.




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