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In case you haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. After only a few short years , Bitcoin has garnered a total value in the billions and is gaining in populartity in every country in the world. People ask why should this ‘currency’ deserve attention? How is Bitcoin and digital currency different from any paper-based currency we use currently? And the question on everyone’s mind is, ”Here today, gone tomorrow?”

There are a few myths and fallacies that we address in this article in an effort to provide you with a little more insight into Bitcoin and digital currencies, why they exist and where they are going.

First of all, what is Bitcoin? It is a peer to peer string of values that can be stored and is designed primarily for trading in exchange for goods and services. More specifically, it is a string of values using the strongest encryption technology we have to date where the record is kept transparently, securely and anonymously with redundancy throughout the Internet. The ‘blockchain’ is the source of bitcoin and the store of transactions for all Bitcoin.

This constant string of values is hashed or mined to match independent transactions and when new Bitcoin are discovered, they belong to the miner that discovered them. Private and public pools collectively mine for Bitcoin and several of the larger pools make up the majority of hashing currently devouring the network in search of (string values to match.

Don’t know mining, not technical and don’t know where to start, but you want to earn Bitcoin. Maybe you do understand Bitcoin, digital currencies and how it works but still need assistance with developing a plan to earn Bitcoin. Multiple resources exist where you can find information on how to start generating Bitcoin. The best we have found so far is, but do your research as there are a lot of sites being developed devoted to Bitcoin and digital currency.

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