Keep your Down Comforter in Good Condition

When your brand new down comforter is delivered you will head upstairs to spread it out on top of the bed. But stop! Don’t be in too much of a hurry, stop for one second and take time to read the instruction leaflet that is inside of the bag. Look after your new comforter properly to keep in in good condition.

It doesn’t take a lot to look after a duvet, but there are certain factors that can influence its lifespan. A well-cared for comforter will last longer and the duvet will not need to be cleaned as often. Always place your comforter into a duvet cover. Duvet covers are like giant pillowcases; the large cotton cover will protect the surface of the comforter and keep the quilt clean and dust-free.

When you unpack your new comforter you should hold it tightly and give it a good shake. Shake the comforter for several minutes until the feathers inside start to plump-up. When you are shaking the comforter the down will begin to lie evenly inside of the cover. This process is known as “lofting” and your natural body heat will keep the comforter lofted as time goes on. Every time you tuck yourself underneath the duvet you are exposing it to more body heat. The extra heat will make the down even more comfortable to sleep under.

At some point your down comforter will get marked, so it will have to be cleaned. Take the quilt to a professional cleaner and you can expect to pay a lot to have it cleaned. If you want to wash the down comforter in the washing machine you should follow these guidelines. Place the quilt in the washing machine drum. If the cover on the comforter is white, add a little bleach. Put a small amount of detergent into the washing powder dispenser and put the machine on a delicate wash. Turn the machine on and let the duvet wash. When it has finished washing put the machine onto rinse again, this will get rid of any excess detergent. When you take the comforter out of the washing machine it will look flat and grey. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

Don’t hang your down comforter on the clothesline to dry. Dry it on a line and it will not dry evenly. Place the down comforter into the dryer and dry it at a very low temperature. This will stop the quilt from shrinking. Keep an eye on the comforter when it is drying, take it out of the drum every fifteen minutes and give it a good shake. Use clean tennis balls or dryer balls to ensure that the down dries properly. The comforter should be completely dry before you use it on the bed again. A damp comforter may get moldy and no one wants a quilt that is covered in mildew or fungi. Mold, fungi or mildew could ruin your quilt cover and leave the quilt full of “unwelcome guests”!

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