How to Select the Right Bed Sheets

Are you thinking of buying new bed sheets for your home? Then consider the following point to help you get things to match perfectly with the existing décor:

Size: Getting the size right is crucial as ill-fitting bed sheets can look sloppy and feel uncomfortable underneath. Measure the dimensions of your mattress to make sure that you’ll be getting the right sheet size. It should be easy to find sheets for standard bed sizes like twin, queen, king, double, and so on.

Design: The color is an important consideration. Buying bright pink, for instance, will not do if the room is painted with warm natural colors. These opposing hues will simply clash. Try to find a design with colors that will blend well with the walls and décor that you already have. For children’s rooms, have fun and get those with cartoon characters.

Fabric: The sheets should be pleasant to touch. Cotton, polyester, flannel, silk, and satin are popular for this purpose. Do not buy a fabric that would cause allergies, especially for the children. This can be irritating and even dangerous depending on the level of allergens present in them. Lastly, think about shrinkage once they are washed. Avoid those as they may never fit the mattress again.

Thread Count: Pick a sheet that has a high thread count. This will ensure supreme comfort. As a guide, 200 to 300 is considered are fairly decent while 400 and above are premium. If you can afford a sheet with a higher count then go for it.

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