KDLIPO’s RC lipo batteries Help Pilots Winning the Prize in THD 2017

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The amazing event made by the Tom Motor, THB Helicopter competition finally happened on the 25th and 26th of July 2017. It was such an amazing event for everyone, and they were specially proud and happy due to its success. It was a great honor for the KDLIPO to be one of the official sponsors again of the said event. Their sponsor, Rasmus Jakobsen who is a pilot, had won the Second Expert Class, while Sasikana Boonmala had won the First Expert Class. That’s why KDLIPO is so proud and wanted to congratulate the winners. Also, they really wanted to thank Tom and the entire team in Thailand for the amazing fly using the KDLIPO batteries

Aside from that, KDLIPO also wanted to thank all the pilots especially for providing them a very wonderful and amazing performance, most especially the KDLIPO pilots. Everyone enjoyed in such wonderful and successful event, that’s why KDLIPO wanted to show great appreciation and thanks to all the people who participated in the event. In fact, they are still hoping and looking forward seeing everyone again soon and hoping that everything will go well each day.

Of all the success that they have obtained in the Amazing Event THD 2017, KDLIPO are very happy and proud to represent their KDLIPO batteries as without them, they might not able to win the competition. KDLIPO batteries are kind of rechargeable batteries that have taken the RC electric world by storms, most especially made and designed for helicopters, planes, drones and other multi-rotors. They are one of the main reasons why electric flights are now very viable options than the fuel-powered models.

KDLIPO battery has four major things going, making it a perfect choice of battery for the planes or even for the helicopters that the conventional rechargeable one. As a matter of fact, KDLIPO batteries have very light weight. Also, can be well-made in different sizes and shapes. They also have larger capacities which simply means that they can hold more energy in small packages. KDLIPO batteries also have higher dis-charge rates in powering the most challenging and demanding electric motor. The KDLIPO batteries made a great contribution to the success both for the event and the winners.

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