KDLIPO Introducing its Newest RC Batteries On Hobby Expo Beijing China 2017

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The KDLIPO is happy to introduce their KDLIPO batteries with full-power competition, light weight, High C-rate, low IR and along with a safety KDLIPO batteries that have passed the UN38.3 Tests, and MSDS along with the ROHS & CE certificate. Also, on April 21st and 23rd 2017, the KDLIPO presented their KD5000-70C-12S Gold Edition that as most prefer using by Tareq Alisaadi for many large events just like the Thailand Blowout 2017, Swiss Heli-Challenge 2017, the Asia Pacific 3DX 2016, and AFA Drones Race 2016.

Also, they wanted to thank every customer whether old or new from the different countries of grabbing the chance of meeting them and have learned more regarding their KDLIPO batteries on their booths. They in fact, enjoyed the happy moment together in China, and they feel proud knowing that there are so many people around the world who supported them, and especially appreciating their products. LIPO batteries are rechargeable type of batteries that have taken the RC electric world by storms, most especially for helicopters & planes. LIPO battery is one of the main reasons why the electric flights are now very workable options over the fuel-powered models. If compared to the old NiHm or NiCd counterparts, the RC LIPO battery has 3-major things that going for, making it the best choice when it comes to the RC flights, all other hobbies RC and portable electronic tools or power equipment.

One of the great benefits of the RC LIPO batteries is that, they have light weight compared to others, and could be made as well in any sizes and shapes. In addition to that, LIPO batteries are also containing large capacities, which means that they can hold more power in small packages. Not only that, as RC LIPO battery has higher discharge rate in empowering even the toughest electrics. All these great advantages are necessary in any functions, however for the RC helicopters and planes, they are one of the main reasons why electric flights have become very popular. The electric boats & cars have been used for so many years, and it was not yet the LIPO batteries technology involved in the scene. The electric helicopters and planes have started showing-up, rivaling powers when it comes in better performance.

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Company Name: Dong Guan Boltpower CO., Ltd
Contact Person: Bob Hu
Address: No.1, Keyuan RD, Daping, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China
Tele: +86 755 28301732
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