Introducing Body Weight Exercises

There aren’t a lot of people who realize or believe that you can get a good workout with body weight exercises. If you’ve never completed a good body weight routine then you’re missing out on some of the great benefits, the main one being that you don’t need any equipment. You only need your body and a mat to cover your floor.

The appeal of doing body weight exercises is that they can be done any time and anywhere. The best ones involve all of your muscles allowing you to get much more out of the workout in less time.

The best body weight exercises include:
1. Working out your legs’ main 3 muscles, which are the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves by doing body weight squats, double leg butt kicks, front leg raises and double leg butt kicks.
2. Working out your chest, especially the upper, lower and your side chest muscles is effectively done with wide push ups, push ups that are done on an incline, isometric chest squeezes, push ups to the side plank and body weight shoulder exercises.
3. It can be somewhat tricky and difficult when you first start working out your shoulders. You can go somewhat easy here considering that some of the aforementioned chest exercises will also work out your shoulders. However, you should try doing handstand push ups, the seated front deltoid, push ups on a decline and body weight tricep exercises.
4. Don’t forget to workout your triceps, especially if you want your arms to look big. Here you’ll want to do dips, close push ups and some of the body weight exercises that are meant for your back will also help you with your triceps as well.
4. You also don’t want to overlook a good workout for your back. Doing so would be a big mistake. Whenever you do pull ups, chin ups, hyperextensions an superman’s you’ll not only improve your posture but you’ll also prevent injuries from occurring later on in your life. Many of these exercises also involve other muscle groups as well, thus allowing you to get more out of them.

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