Intercoms For Apartments

Security in apartment dwellings is becoming increasingly important and can be achieved with digital intercom systems. There are several convenient choices for apartments. Digital intercoms designed to be installed in apartments lend themselves to convenience and security while maintaining a luxurious design that will compliment any decor. Additionally, digital intercom systems are available for multi-building units for surveillance of common areas and communication between apartments.

Internal Apartment Systems

There are a variety of digital intercom systems available for apartments with a variety of features. The high end of digital intercom systems are multi functioning with touch screens. These digital intercom units have controls for up to two electronic locks, video surveillance cameras for outside the door and for common areas, screens that range from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. Most are colour, but in the less expensive models there are some with black and white screens.

The most expensive models have the most functions including the ability to capture still shots from surveillance cameras or to save short clips of surveillance video. They come with a hands-free phone and a virtual keyboard on the touch screen. They also have audio that allows the apartment dweller to leave an outgoing message for visitors and allows visitors to leave audio messages for the resident.

Apartments that come equipped with digital intercoms are able to make contact with the switchboard and multiple manned stations. They come with stereo speakers, an internet connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a USB port. Some have automatic door openers and the ability to control lighting functions in stairwells and hallways.

On the lower end of the spectrum, digital intercoms for apartments will have many of the same features as the higher end, but with less functionality. The number of intercom calls will be limited and the video screen will be smaller. The phone will not be hands-free, but the units are very attractive and are made to blend with any modern décor.

The least expensive digital intercoms available for apartments have no video and the phone is not hands-free, but the sound quality is still excellent.

Entrance Panels

For complex multiple building residential compounds, entrance panels can offer a reasonable solution. For digital intercom systems, the entrance panel can not only provide one source for multiple apartments, but there are some that can even have a display for showing the route to the called party. Entrance panels are usually made to be tamper-proof and vandal-proof.

Materials for these units vary from stainless steel to polished brass. Some are waterproof as well as tamper-proof and as well as corrosion-proof and rust-proof.

IP Intercom Systems

The IP intercom systems are an excellent solution for large apartment complexes with many users as well as college campus residential units. Virtual switchboards are unlimited so operators can control door functions from multiple virtual locations. The number of conversations that can take place at the same time is almost limitless.

For security and safety, no residential unit should be without a digital intercom system. They are safe, secure, and most often, tamper-proof, giving residents security unrivalled in the industry.

No large or small complex should be without a digital intercom system because they are so much easier to install than older models and provide safety solutions that cannot be duplicated with manpower.

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