Independent Gas Transporter: The SSE Pipelines Method

A licensed public independent gas transporter, SSE Pipelines is a major UK utility that has “provided multi-utilities to over 1000 sites,” according to their website. With their solid reputation for service, SSE Pipelines continues to win contracts for new housing developments from “Perth to Portsmouth.” ( Noted as one of the nations “big 6 suppliers,” SSE Pipelines is based in Perth, Scotland.

What Does SSE Do?
As one of the UKs major independent gas transporters, SSE Pipelines delivers natural gas and electricity to people and businesses throughout the UK. The company also has the honor of being the countrys largest provider of renewable energy. Aside from supplying gas like other independent gas transporters, SSE Pipelines also generates electricity, supplies electricity, operates gas networks, operates telecoms networks, and provides various other major services like gas storage, metering, and contracting. Their operate businesses that are both regulated and non-regulated.

The Three Major Components of this Independent Gas Transporter (IGT)
The company defines what they do in accordance with three major tenets: network, retail, and wholesale. Under the networks portion of their operation, SSE delivers electricity to end users via lines and cables. Through its 50% share of Scotia Gas Networks, SSE delivers gas to end users. According to its network, the company also operates “telecoms network capacity” ( Under its Retail commitments, SSE also provides “mechanical and electrical contracting and engineering services.”

Under the companys the wholesale operations, it owns as well as operates gas storage capacity and also produces electricity at its power stations, wind farms, and hydroelectric projects. Additionally, SSE maintains operations in North Sea gas production. They also continue to make investments in multiple areas of energy and participate in various energy-related products.

SSE Pipelines and Renewables
Earlier this year the RE News reported that SSE “posted slightly reduced renewable generation totals in 2012-13,” but that, essentially, they are staying close to their targets ( Last year, of course, SSE purchased a North Ireland wind farm near Londonderry. The company stated “‘Through this acquisition and our ongoing renewable energy construction programme in Northern Ireland SSE is continuing its commitment towards demonstrating the positive economic benefits that wind energy brings to communities” (

As a Scottish-based company, SSE has looked closely at the renewable picture in Scotland. As they state on their website, they are “Scotlands leading renewable energy producer, developer and a major employer, with over 20,000 employees and over 10 million customer accounts across the UK” (

Areas of Operation
SSE operates throughout the British Isles—“England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland” ( They own and operate gas-fired power stations in Lincolnshire, Kent, Aberdeenshire, and County Wexford to name a few locations. In northern Scotland, they participate in hydroelectric projects. Their electricity distribution networks stretch from the south of England to northern Scotland. East Yorkshire is a hub for the IGTs gas storage operations. Moreover, they own wind farms in both Northern Ireland and the UK.

SSE Research and Development
The company has a long-range vision and plans that underscores and its research and development. Their research and development projects range between smart homes, renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, and customer service. While SSE maintains a variety of projects, press demonstrates a myriad of collaborations that also lead to important innovations and services. Their collaborations range from business partners to partners in academia.

Key Updates about SSE and Its Projects in the News
As a leading national energy company, SSE is frequently in the news; often these stories cover the companys various projects. For instance, its Orkney project recently made headlines when the company “connected the UKs first large scale battery to the electricity distribution network on Orkney” ( Coverage has also centered upon the companys work on a hydrogen car of the future.

SSE, like other IGTs, is a multifaceted company. Understanding what they do and who they are is important for customers as well as people who choose to invest in the company. Much of the research and development is cutting edge; although the company may seem to be taking care of business as usual, they are making important strides in the area of renewables, for instance. Check out their website for more information about their services and cutting edge research projects.

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