Everything You Need to Know About British Gas

British Gas is part of a larger power supply group called the Centrica Group. They merged with the private company British Gas in 1997. They are the largest power supplier in the United Kingdom, and they bill over twelve million homes for gas, electricity or both. Below are some great facts and statistics about the British Gas company.

How many customers do British Gas have?

If you include both business and domestic customers, British Gas has over twenty million customers. They bill more than double the amount of people than their biggest competitor SSE does. SEE only have 9.6 million customers.

What British Gass selling points?

Their biggest selling point is that they are based in the UK, and that they currently have more than double the amount of customers than their closest competitor does. They are one of the few power companies that are not at risk of going bankrupt due to the global economic crisis.

British Gas customer satisfaction

Out of the six large power suppliers in the United Kingdom, British Gas came fifth in a customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2012. British Gas achieved an overall score of 65% on a survey conducted by YouGov in November 2012.

How do British Gas generate energy?

British Gas generates 57% of their energy with gas, and a further 23% with nuclear fuel. Coal is used to produce 11% of their power, with just 8% of their energy coming from green renewable sources.

How much CO2 do British Gas produce?

British Gas produce just under 350 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. This is over 100 kilograms less than the UK average, which currently stands at 450 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. EDF is one of the only large power producing companies that beat British Gas on CO2 wastage. EDF produce just under 300 kilograms of CO2 per kWh, which is over 50 kilograms of CO2 less than British Gas, however, EDF rely more heavily on nuclear power than British Gas.

How much nuclear waste is produced by British Gas?

British Gas produce just over 0.002 grams of nuclear waste per kWh. They are the second largest producer of nuclear waste in the UK. However, the biggest producer of nuclear waste is EDF, who produce over 0.006 grams of nuclear waste per kWh.

British Gas general knowledge

They are British owned and part of the Centrica Group. Apart from providing gas and electricity, they also offer boiler maintenance and repair services to people in Scotland, England and Wales. They currently account for over 50% of the United Kingdoms domestic gas market. They have over 12,000 UK staff working in call centres and offices, and a further 8,000 CORGI registered engineers.

The investment that British Gas has made into researching new and renewable sources of energy has been recognised by the WWF-UK. British Gas are responsible for building Europes biggest wind farm, which is located just off the Lincolnshire coast. They have also invested billions of pounds into nuclear power and gas storage in an effort to cope with the growing demand for energy in the UK. They claim that they will continue to invest in securing new energy sources in the future so that they can ensure price competitiveness into the recent future.

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