IBC Container Distribution Channel Increases Demand

Granger Plastics Company has added a distribution channel for its Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) products by being published in a product distribution magazine. Granger has made Intermediate Bulk Containers (known as IBCs) for many years. IBC Containers are extremely durable tanks that come in a power coated steel frame. The IBC tank is rotationally molded and has always been produced by Granger Plastics. The frame for some of these containers was outsourced until earlier this year causing reliance on an outside vendor to complete the powder coated steel frames. Granger Plastics Company recently completed a number of large capital investments in tooling and equipment to grow its in-house metals operations, typically used for mold making and mold repair, has recently added the manufacturing of the steel frames to its growing capabilities.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are used for a variety of applications including chemical, fluid or dry goods for food and construction applications. Granger offers a 330 or 400 gallon size with a 33 or 45 degree discharge. The units can also be customized with a bottom or side discharge as well as custom rack for specific height needs. Granger Plastics IBCs are also stackable for use or storage options. They also come with a standard 55 gallon 23” poly lid for easy cleaning access.

Granger Plastics also manufactures an all plastic 275 gallon IBC known as the Avenger. The Avenger features include a hopper bottom for positive drain, 23” lid opening and has four-way forklift access. Compact and stackable the Avenger answers space and durability issues with quality design. The Avenger offers all of the advantages of the larger units in a more compact unit.

Granger Plastics is a division of Granger Industries. Granger Industries also includes ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world recognized rotational molder manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products. To learn more about Granger Plastics Company please visit www.grangerplastics.com or contact us at 513-424-1955. To learn more about Granger Industries please visit www.grangerindustries.com .

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