How to Win UK Haulier of the Year in 2019

Whether you’re a self-employed driver or you own a haulage company, if you work in the logistics industry, chances are that you’ve heard about the coveted UK Haulier of the Year award, and the glamorous Motor Transport Award ceremony where it’s presented. This year, in 2018, it was won by Sanderson Transport, a haulage company based in Harborough.

The company is living proof that it’s not impossible to turn rags into riches, building their business from the ground up. Winning UK Haulier of the Year was a huge milestone and accomplishment for them, especially as they came from such humble beginnings.

Not only is this achievement a personal win, it is also a motivation for hauliers and their employers everywhere. With so many horror stories out there about the difficulties of starting your own business in the logistics industry, a tale of success is much needed for many. After all, what more do you need to restore your faith in humanity and haulage, renew your determination and help you set a new goal – perhaps even the goal of winning UK Haulier of the Year in 2019?

How to Haul in the Prize (and Better Your Business)

Unfortunately, there’s not one definitive recipe that will guarantee your haulage company a win. However, there are some qualities that may help you achieve this award, such as:

•Hard work
•Genuine and positive relationships with customers
•A personal touch

Strangely enough, these features are also seen in most successful businesses of any kind.

Consider a Membership

If you’re looking to up the ante and transform your company into the best it can possibly be, you may want to consider joining an online networking platform. The savvy business owner knows about the relatively new tools today’s market offers – in this case, online memberships.

Many organised industry platforms include benefits such as:

•Better customer service, due to telematics and tracking integration
•Partnerships that allow for the expansion of your services
•A place to easily find peer-reviewed, reliable drivers who are available to subcontract excess work at short notice
•A source for more jobs

The Road to Success

Just as each haulage company is unique, no two success stories are the same. However, it doesn’t matter if your business is just taking off or you’ve been around for decades, you have the ability to win UK Haulier of the Year.

Sanderson Transport has shown hauliers all over Britain that the road to success is paved with traditional values such as hard work, commitment, reliability and customer satisfaction, while memberships to online networking platforms are proving that modern services make the journey all the smoother.

No matter what you value more, tradition or modernity, one thing is sure: put the two together and soon you’ll have an award-winning business on your hands.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Haulage Exchange provides services for matching a driver or haulage company with available jobs. Over 5,400 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships. 

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