Smaller Fleet Operators’ Growing Interest in Gas

If you’re the manager of a smaller haulage company, I’ve got one question for you: how do you fuel your fleet? In the past, the answer was obvious – diesel was the only way to go. Today, however, that’s not necessarily the case. Biomethane has become

Happy 90th Birthday, Fagan & Whalley!

Haulage company and logistics provider Fagan & Whalley marked their 90th anniversary in style last month. Celebrating both its past and its future, the company invited its customers, guests and suppliers, along with the staff and their families, to j

Tyre Management: Get it Right

One of the most important aspects of a fleet manager’s job is monitoring the cost efficiency of their vehicles’ tyres. For a medium to large haulage company, the cost of maintaining the fleet’s tyres represents a major source of expenditure. It’s est

How to Win UK Haulier of the Year in 2019

Whether you’re a self-employed driver or you own a haulage company, if you work in the logistics industry, chances are that you’ve heard about the coveted UK Haulier of the Year award, and the glamorous Motor Transport Award ceremony where it’s

31202Doing Our Bit for the Veterans

This year’s Armistice Day remembrance was particularly significant for a number of reasons. Due to the recent spate of terrorist attacks and threats, security was an unfortunately high priority for all involved. In one town in Warwickshire, a haula