How To Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Today we have so many choices as to how we advertise our products and services in a sea of cyberspace and a lot of competition. Pay Per Click Services advertising is one of those ways but it can get out of hand of you arent careful how you budget and how you use it. Here we will take you through some of those ways to getting pay per click to work for you.

So what is it? Pay per click is exactly what the name suggests. You pay when the person that is searching, clicks on your link. This can work in two ways, it will either charge you per click or if that click leads to a purchase or membership whichever the focus is for the ad. If someone randomly clicks and purchases nothing then this can prove to be an expensive ordeal. It is important that you optimize your PPC ads as much as possible so that you are targeting people who would be interested in your product or service. Most PPC services will assist you in doing that because after all they want to get paid long-term so you need to see some benefit dont you?

Keyword usage: Some folks run their Pay Per Click Services campaigns on tags. If you choose to do it this way, you will want to use Ad words from Google and the section to go to would be “Dimensions” this is a program that will allow you to see the traffic being sent to your site. What you need to do to be sure you are getting optimal traffic is to shuffle the tags around a bit. When you are looking for tags make sure you are looking more at the click through rate rather than the impressions. If the click through rate is under 1% then you dont need it, it wont do a thing for you. Make sure your tags have relevancy, if you move what seemed to be a useless key word to another ad group then you may see it work a lot better. It is all a bit of work and some trial and error. If you give up too fast you may miss something beneficial.

Search or display: You can use tags in search or display mode but dont do both and be sure you are using search if you campaign is in search otherwise you are wasting your time with display.

Bounce rate: This happens when a person bounces quickly from your landing page. If your Pay per click advertising does not land them in a relevant spot then they will leave. For example, if you are selling pet products and they click your Pay per Click Services link and it lands them on a shampoo sales landing page, what do you think will happen? They will leave, or ‘bounce off the page leaving you with a hollow PPC bill.

In conclusion, you can make money optimally or you can lose money quickly. It is a bit of a commitment but knowing what we have shown you here about Pay Per Click Services has already put you ahead of the game.

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