Why Social Media Services Are Important To Your Business

If you run any type of business, you know by now that even a freestanding shop on the avenue will have social media services and at least a Facebook page. In fact, you will see a “follow us on Facebook” logo in the window; this should tell you how prevalent social media really is. Now that you have a business you will begin to notice that prospective clients are not looking in a newspaper to find you; they are looking on their phones, tablets, laptops, and PC’s. This is a whole different generation in an ever-changing global economy and social media is the way to keep up with it and prosper.

How To Effectively Use Social Media Services To Promote Your Business

Once you have a business account set up on Facebook you need to show off your brand. This is done in several ways. The first way to do this is through your profile and the logo on your timeline picture. Make sure you have a brand message or slogan because this will be seen just below your timeline photo. Make sure you are professional, as people tend to get a bit too casual on social media. This photo and slogan is what people will remember when they think of you so make sure it is a clear representation of who you are, what product or service you offer and how that product or service can solve your target customer’s problem.

Research Answers On Whether Social Media Can Help Your Business

According to Online Media Marketing Inc. Facebook reported that by the close of 2011 “More than half of their 845 million users connected via mobile app” This tells you that location is less important now than ever when it comes to connecting to both your present and potential customers.

Create Great Content And Optimize It

One crucial step is to create description, which is at once informative, engaging and problem-solving. Readers must have something interesting to look at to keep them on the page long enough for them to make a decision. Video and pictures are now even more important than the written word.

Research answers on scrolling time

Scrolling time is a phrase, which describes how long the average reader will stay on a page. Studies done by (Graphic, Visualization and Usability) Center at Georgia Institute of Technology state that 0.1 second is tolerable download time, 1.0 seconds is s the maximum tolerable time that the average web user will wait even though they will notice a delay and 10 seconds is the maximum tolerable wait time if the user can multitask and do other things while waiting.

The rankings are similar when reading description so it is imperative that you have short, sweet and to the point description that is not too long but at the same time, is search engine optimized with organic tags without being stuffed.

In conclusion, just following these few steps with social media services or on your own, will help greatly in your search engine ranking, readability and popularity. They are simple yet grossly overlooked by many businesses so be vigilant and don’t be left behind.

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